Alumna Spotlight–Taylor Melde DRC’13

Alumna Spotlight–Taylor Melde DRC’13


Taylor Melde DRC’13 graduated from Rutgers Business School with a dual major in supply chain management and marketing. Upon graduation, she began working at Promotion in Motion, a New Jersey-based candy manufacturing company with an impressive portfolio of brands ranging from Welch’s Fruit Snacks to Sour Jacks Sour Candies. Melde continues to work at Promotion in Motion to this day, specializing in demand planning.

What role did Douglass play in your college experience and beyond? 
Douglass was a blessing. Firstly, I was the recipient of The Edward L., Jr. and Ruth S. Hennessy Foundation Scholarship, which made it possible for me to attend college, further my education and pursue my dreams. This generosity and support of Douglass alumnae is a motivational factor that drives me to reach my full potential in hopes that someday, I too will give back. Douglass provided a supportive community during my time at Rutgers; it was my home away from home and a community I was honored and appreciative to be a part of. Douglass also provided the opportunity for me to learn from other successful, intelligent and inspiring women. Douglass alumnae are leaders in their professions and communities, a notion I was inspired to emulate. Douglass provided me with a community of role models.

What are some of your favorite Douglass memories?
Truthfully, there are too many to count! I would say one of my favorite experiences was participating in the Global Village. I was a member of the Business and Entrepreneurship House, which not only was an incredible learning experience, but a bonding experience too. I also was a member of the Douglass Orientation Committee, which was another special memory. My orientation was such a memorable experience for me that I wanted to help create that sentiment and experience for future students as well. 

What does Douglass mean to you? 
Douglass is a symbol of a sisterhood. To be a member of this network of female leaders is nothing short of a privilege. At Douglass, I learned the importance of being active in my community, giving back to my community and providing unwavering support to those around me. I also learned what it means to be a leader, the importance of establishing goals and the perseverance required to achieve my goals. This was all possible due to Douglass.