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Douglass College

Meet our Staff and Dean

Get to know the people of Douglass


Jacquelyn Litt

Dean, Douglass Residential College and Douglass Campus

Ellen Lieberman

Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs

Meghan Rehbein (she/her)

Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives

Lydia Prendergast

Director and Associate Dean of the Douglass WiSE Program

Edie Prescod

Senior Department Administrator

Corina Hernandez (she/her)

Senior Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Lauren Muccilli

Editorial and Media Specialist

Sonia Khalil

Program Coordinator, Traditional Events

Madinah Elamin (she/her)

Director of Mentoring

Cody Grabbe (he/him)

Senior Program Coordinator

Leslie Danehy (she/her)

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs

JB Brager (they/them)

Director of Knowledge and Power

Stephanie Perez (she/her/ella)

Senior Director of the BOLD Center and Career Pathways

Amy N. Benner (she/her)

PLEN Coordinator

Kayla Fowler (she/her)

Director of Experiential STEM Programs

Nicole Wodzinski

Director Research Programs in STEM & The Reilly Douglass Engineering Living Learning Community

Merylou Rodriguez (she/her)

Director of Scholarships, Housing and Student Engagement

Kimberly Apadula (she/her)

Assistant Director of Student Outreach

Denise Wagner (she/her)

Director of Development

Summaiyah Hyder (she/her)

Development Specialist

Ksenia Bobylak

Administrative Assistant

Grace Calogera

Program Coordinator