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The Douglass Global Village Learning Communities!

About Global Village

The Global Village is a learning community that seeks to develop intercultural appreciation, global awareness and a sense of community among students at Douglass. This unique year-long experience in a themed “house” combines academic and co-curricular activities, including a 1.5 credit course in the fall and spring, designed to enhance each student’s overall experience.  

In the spring term, students will work on a project related to their house theme that will be showcased during Douglass Discovery Day.

Participating in the Global Village community makes you eligible to join the Global Leaders FUNDED study abroad program in a subsequent year. Open for residents and commuters! 

Accordion Content

    • Become a Douglass student for $75 a semester - Click Here
    • Complete a yearlong academic class by registering for a 1.5 credit course in the Fall and the Spring in the house you apply to
    • Participate in house service-learning projects and excursions
    • For current students, apply by January 15 of each year for priority enrollment
    • For new students, apply by June 15, 2024 for priority enrollment
    • You don’t have to major in the house theme – in fact, it’s a great way to make you a well-rounded global community member if you decide to live in a community that’s different from your major
    • Commuters and transfer students are welcome