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The only residential college in the nation situated within a world-class public research university.

The Douglass Experience

At Douglass, we are serious about the future. We study everything. We push through the hard questions. We talk long into the night. We strive to understand each other’s perspective. We bring each other along.

We believe that every good future must include well-educated students with the confidence to speak up and the curiosity to listen. With the analytical will to test hypotheses and the creative drive to invent something new. With the courage and resilience to try again. Douglass students enjoy a small college atmosphere and programs that support their academic success and leadership development. At the same time, students engage with all the rich educational and research resources of Rutgers–New Brunswick.

With hearts open to the community. With minds clear about justice and power. With experience raising our hands, stepping up, leaning in, and risking.



Douglass by the Numbers

Established in
As the New Jersey College for Women
students drawn from Rutgers–New Brunswick
A network of over
dedicated alumnae