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What sets Douglass students apart?

The Douglass curriculum is designed to ensure that you leave Rutgers with a robust resume full of the academic, professional, and co-curricular experiences that will make you a competitive candidate in the job market, graduate school application process, or any other endeavor you choose to pursue. To complete the curriculum, you will follow a roadmap of programming. At each stop along the way, you will pick an opportunity that fits your aspirations while aiming to satisfy three of four requirement buckets.

Your Path at Douglass

Steps to completing the Douglass curriculum

Knowledge and Power
Complete the Douglass foundation course.


Known to many students as a "life-changing" experience, this course will set you up for leadership success throughout college!

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Become a DEI Ambassador, Global Leader Scholar, or attend DEI workshops.


Douglass is one of the most diverse communities at Rutgers. Social justice education and inclusivity on campus are essential to the College's mission.



Complete one of the following:

Douglass Discovery or Career Development
Build your resume with a hands-on experience such as a research position or professional externship.


Douglass students benefit from exclusive opportunities for academic and professional advancement. Choose an experience that best fits your goals!

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 "As a senior, I see how impactful Douglass programs have been on my college education, as they have helped me explore new ways to navigate the spaces I enter." - Rachel Antwi Boasiako

Rachel Antwi Boasiako