Commuter Students

Douglass welcomes commuter students to the residential college and recognizes the particular needs of the commuter population. Even as a commuter, you will quickly learn to feel at home on Douglass. Each year, we train a Peer Academic Leader (PAL) to reach out to commuter students and engage them in Rutgers and Douglass communities and organizations. In addition to summer orientation programs for new students, we hold a fall orientation just for commuters, providing students with an "insider's view" of commuting realities, from a list of necessities for your bag (or car), to how to get involved on campus, or whom to contact in case of an emergency. 

During the fall commuter orientation, we encourage commuters to get involved on campus in order to meet students, staff, and faculty as early as possible. We provide students with resources, introduce you to the campus deans, and ask current commuting students to describe their experiences at Douglass. We understand that commuters face particular challenges--whether gearing up for bad weather, parking, remaining on campus for evening programs, finding student organizations, or simply meeting friends--the Commuter Peer Academic Leader and the Douglass deans and advisors are always accessible and will help commuting students find their niche on campus. New commuters will also find friends quickly in the required mission course, and meet the course mentors: current students who meet with enrolled students in their section to discuss academic expectations, extra-curricular opportunities, and personal and social resources. In the meantime, commuter students also take advantage of the beautiful Douglass campus, a commuter lounge in the Campus Center, traditional events, Alumnae scholarships, leadership programs, study abroad, the Alumnae externships, and research opportunities!