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The Douglass Experience

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What sets Douglass students apart?

As a Douglass student, you will benefit from an educational track of academic and co-curricular programming that helps you acclimate to college life, excel in your classes, and build your resume for at and beyond Rutgers.

To be eligible for a Douglass certificate at graduation, students must successfully complete the Knowledge and Power Course, participate in the Douglass Community by living on campus or engaging with student groups and activities, engage with others around issues of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and get involved in research and hands-on learning through either Douglass Discovery or Career Pathways.

Students can complete these requirements by participating in a range of programs available through Douglass WiSE (Women in Science and Engineering), the BOLD Center for Leadership Career and Personal Development, Gender and the Arts, or Douglass Discovery Faculty Fellows. When they graduate with a Douglass certificate, students leave college well-rounded and prepared for graduate school, careers, and more.


The Douglass Experience

The Douglass Experience

The Douglass Curriculum

Four Unique Experiences

Awaken Knowledge and Power

This required course at Douglass introduces you to foundational concepts in understanding the status of women, literature, and leadership. Participate in critical conversations, chart out a 4 year academic plan, meet with powerful feminist leaders from around the world, and learn to write and present academic research. Discuss systems of power, prepare for the diverse global workforce, connect to Douglass programs and resources.

Advance Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Strengthen your cultural competencies, boost inclusivity on campus, interrogate structures of power, and advance social justice through interdisciplinary programming. Opportunities for academic research, student leadership training, living-learning communities, workshops, and critical conversations compose a well-rounded education that foregrounds equity and inclusivity in the context of women’s leadership.

Create Your Career Pathway

Transform your future through highly-regarded programs in leadership development, mentoring, career advancement, and personal growth. Access resume help, mock interview preparation, professional development workshops, and law and public policy programming. Build your resume through an immersive job-shadowing experience known as an externship. Develop
a personalized set of tools and skills that prepares you for the modern workforce, boosts your resume and graduate school applications, and builds confidence for life.

Discover Through Real Life Experience

Take a direct route to research and hands on learning in a variety of fields through Douglass Discovery. Build your resume and expand your horizons by collaborating directly with faculty, professionals, corporate leaders, artists, and other Douglass Fellows on their work including laboratory research, arts initiatives, public health projects, and more!

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 "As a senior, I see how impactful Douglass programs have been on my college education, as they have helped me explore new ways to navigate the spaces I enter." - Rachel Antwi Boasiako

Rachel Antwi-Boasiako DRC'21