Congratulations to the Class of 2015!
Please join us for the 94th Douglass Convocation on Saturday, May 16, 2015, on Antilles Field, next to the Voorhees Chapel on... Learn more »



Douglass Friends of UNFPA General Meeting
Douglass Friends of UNFPA is an organization for students who are interested in population and development issues, reproductive and maternal health, and infa Learn more »
Rutgers Day
Join the DRC community for information sessions, walking tours, and crative & scienti Learn more »


Dean Jacquelyn Littt has been awarded $16,000 by AT&T Aspire to support a S.T Learn more »
On April 11th Rutgers hosted their 17th annual Dance Marathon. Learn more »
The Douglass Project for Women works to increase the amount of women who are invested in the STEM fields, and empower those are compelled to embark on the jo Learn more »
At a time when a "woman's place was in the home" was commonplace, Douglass offered majors in sciences, including chemistry, Dean Jacquelyn Litt said. Learn more »
For almost 100 years, the institution has been focusing on women's issues and instilling in its female students the right to demand and to dream. Learn more »


In the time-honored tradition of the moving up of the classes, Douglass graduating seniors escort first-year students along the "sacred path" between College Hall and George Street. Learn more »
CIT is a bank holding company with more than $36 billion in finance and leasing assets. Learn more »
The Living-Learning Communities at Douglass bring together like-minded students with similar passions, interests and goals. Apply today! Learn more »
The Douglass Project and the Women in Computer Science are hosting a 24-hour Hackathon for Women at the Busch Student Center. Bring your laptop, an extension cord and a sleeping bag! Learn more »


Join us on April 10, 2015 from 12:30 p.m. - 6 p.m. at the Douglass Student Center for an afternoon of holistic wellness. Learn more »
Join the Red Pine Ambassadors and become a member of the oldest recruitment organization at DRC! Applications due March 27th. Learn more »
“DRC brought out the best in me. If it weren’t for Douglass, I would be a different person." Learn more »
“Meeting people at local community centers & building houses; we’re going to use those experiences to try to make a difference here at home.” - Student Brianna Holman Learn more »
Junior Douglass Residential College student Madhuri Swarna won the top attorney award. Learn more »