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Shelley Merhav

Shelley Merhav DRC’23 is a biomedical engineering major, volunteer EMT, and active Douglass community member. This month, she will serve as a student moderator on the Post-Graduation Education Opportunities panel at the Christiana Foglio DC’84 Douglass Career Conference. In this role, she will help facilitate conversation between panelists and students as they discuss how to navigate graduate school opportunities and pathways.

Veronica Bido DRC'21

On October 23, 2021, Douglass College hosted the classes of 2020 and 2021 for an in-person celebration of their graduations. While the classes each had a virtual ceremony to honor their achievements, this in-person event allowed staff, graduates, and loved ones to meet face to face to celebrate Douglass excellence. Dean Jacquelyn Litt, Alexandra Anderson DRC’20, and Veronica Bido DRC’21 all gave remarks to congratulate the graduates and reflect on their unique journeys.

Tasmiah Choudhury

Tasmiah Choudhury DRC’11, a senior clinical scientist for Merck, knows the value of passing down her expertise to current Douglass students to help them achieve their goals. For the past several years, Choudhury has been deeply involved in Douglass programs. From her work as an externship site mentor to her role as a Douglass Career Conference speaker, Choudhury has made a transformative impact in the lives of Douglass students.



"I wanted to be a part of Douglass because I wanted to be surrounded by women who motivate each other and create a sense of community here at this enormous university." - Natasha Almanzar-Sanchez

Student Spotlight–Natasha Almanzar-Sanchez DRC’20



"Douglass evolved into one of the most meaningful parts of my college career. At Douglass, everyone from administration to my fellow peers have been genuinely invested in my success." - Maggie Maniar

Maggie Maniar



"Through Douglass I have learned the only limits that exist are the ones you create for yourself." - Veronica Bido

Veronica Bido


 "As a senior, I see how impactful Douglass programs have been on my college education, as they have helped me explore new ways to navigate the spaces I enter." - Rachel Antwi Boasiako

Rachel Antwi-Boasiako DRC'21


“I have had such an incredible experience as a Douglass Woman. Douglass has opened so many doors for me, from internships to externships, to meeting people who have helped me so much along the way. I found all of the guidance I needed in the Douglass community, from women who helped me find my passion.” - Kimberly Mohabeer

K. Mohabeer
Student Spotlight–Natasha Almanzar-Sanchez DRC’20
Maggie Maniar
Veronica Bido
Rachel Antwi-Boasiako DRC'21
K. Mohabeer
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