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JUN 16 | Webinar Wednesdays - Building STEM Skills with Dr. Mary Nucci

Discuss opportunities, leadership skills, and professional qualifications needed for STEM majors with the Douglass Project team! Learn how to create a presence online in STEM spheres, to conduct…

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Jill Bandel
News Article

Douglass Legacies Moving Forward: Introducing the Rainbow Pines

Spanning three generations, the Bandel Family has a long and proud Douglass history. Jill Bandel DRC’22, her mother Melissa McElroy Bandel DC’92, and grandmother Patricia Schilling McElroy DC’67…

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Veronica Bido
Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight - Veronica Bido DRC'21

“We have been taught and empowered since we walked through the doors of Voorhees Chapel. We are not only leaving with our memories today, but also with the knowledge that we were a part of…

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Susan Kirk
Alumnae Spotlight

Alumna Spotlight – Dr. Susan Kirk DC'83

For Dr. Susan Kirk DC’83, an endocrinologist and associate dean of graduate medical education at the University of Virginia Health System, teaching the next generation of medical…
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I wanted to be a part of Douglass because I wanted to be surrounded by women who motivate each other and create a sense of community here at this enormous university.

Natasha Almanzar-Sanchez, DRC'20