Douglass Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Program


The Douglass Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Program furthers the College’s mission of fostering a diverse and inclusive environment at Douglass. Through a holistic approach that includes institutional-level initiatives, academic experiences, student leadership opportunities, and community building strategies, the Program seeks to address inequities that exist for those at the University while sustaining critical conversations about meaningful and proactive inclusion. Ambassador-led workshops for the 2021-2022 year are forthcoming!

Members of the Committee:





The Student Experience

“My role as a DEI Ambassador has been eye opening and comforting. I didn't think it would be so necessary to be in a room with empowered women who are willing to engage in difficult conversations. It's refreshing to see and interact with people who are looking to spread understanding, love, and justice.” - Yenny Tavarez





Our Three-Pronged Approach



College-wide events offered through this program and the overall undergraduate experience create an environment that celebrates identities, cultures, and communities. Community town halls, trainings, out-of-state trips, conferences, and more help to create student leaders at Douglass and beyond. The Program works closely with other Douglass programs to ensure students are exposed to varied topics led by diverse experts.


Structural Change

The College is committed to dismantling structures that uphold inequality. To do this, the committee evaluates programs across the College to ensure equity, develops policies for hiring and retaining a diverse Douglass staff, provides professional development opportunities for staff and students, and works closely with the Dean and college leadership to recommend other necessary changes.