Riyam Zaman

Creating a More Inclusive Community


Riyam Zaman DRC'21

Douglass students have the ability to start shaping the type of world in which they want to live the moment they step on campus. Eager to increase the visibility of underrepresented groups at Douglass and Rutgers, Riyan Zaman joined the Diversity and Inclusion Committee even though she is just in her first year at Rutgers. The hands-on experience Riyam gains through working with this committee will help her support other Douglass women and learn how to develop and launch new initiatives.

“A large reason as to why I wanted to be a part of this committee was because of the following question: how can we continue to enrich minds and bodies, broaden our viewpoints, and lead a more fascinating life? For me, it is by studying the multitude of human experiences that define our global society,” said Riyam. “Through learning about other cultures, we can free ourselves from the confining experience of one system of thought, physically and intellectually challenge ourselves, and better connect with our fellow humans around the world.”

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee is one of four core committees, along with Data and Assessment, Student Engagement, and Associate Dean's Program, that are taking on the charge of improving the college's programs and community support. Comprised of staff and students, the committees will investigate the college's systems and recommend enhancements to improve the Douglass student experience.

“I want to bring us together through celebrating our backgrounds here at Douglass,” said Riyam. “I am proud to say that Rutgers is one of the most diverse universities in the country, and we should continue to take advantage of this fact. I want to help students not only feel pride for their own cultures through planning events celebrating their heritages, but to also undergo a fulfilling and enlightening process to a multicultural exposure that they can uniquely get here. I look forward to working with you all to create an amazing year!”