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Douglass alumnae are amazing. Your curiosity, drive, and genuine interest in the world keep you moving forward–and you always bring your communities along with you. If there’s one common thread among each of your individual stories, it’s the drive to give back.

Why choose to leave a Douglass legacy?

Barbara Shepard DC'77

"I paid for all of Douglass myself by working continuously, receiving some scholarships and grants, and taking out loans.  I want to help Douglass students with financial support so that they can earn their college degrees with as little debt as possible." 

Why I Give - Barbara Shepard DC’77

Dr. Karen R. Stubaus DC‘72

"Douglass is still where women learn to lead. Douglass still provides its students with the sisterhood and support so critical for women in today’s often hostile society. And Douglass still creates the co-curricular experiences that turn into giant stepping stones to the world our students will encounter after graduation."

Why I Give–Dr. Karen R. Stubaus DC‘72

Michele Ozumba DC’73

"Douglass Residential College is an outstanding institution educating young women in fields of study that will surely transform our world for the good of all. Giving to Douglass is not only a sound investment in our future, it’s also my modest way of honoring the opportunities opened for me because I was Douglass-prepared."

Michelle Ozumba
Why I Give - Barbara Shepard DC’77
Why I Give–Dr. Karen R. Stubaus DC‘72
Michelle Ozumba

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