Bunting Cobb for Women in STEM

Recognizing the challenges and academic rigor of a science, technology, engineering, or math major, the hall offers a supportive community for women pursuing these areas of study.  Programming centers around peer study groups, career programs, internship resources, and skill enhancement sessions.

Bunting-Cobb residents are encouraged to participate in the programs offered in the residence hall, meet regularly with the Graduate Mentors, and respect the academic environment of the residence hall. Additionally, Bunting-Cobb residents are strongly encouraged to engage in programs sponsored by the Douglass Project and the Douglass Residential College Community.  Becoming an active member in this community and participating in programs will help build your leadership skills, broaden your horizons, and encourage your academic growth.

Benefits of Living in


Bunting-Cobb students will benefit from:

  • Graduate mentoring
    • Graduate Mentors in Residence work with the residents of Bunting-Cobb to assist with scheduling, provide first-hand knowledge of life as a STEM major, as well as provide encouragement, support, resources and tips to help you persist in your STEM major.    
  • In-House Tutoring, Study groups and Faculty roundtables
    • Students residing in Bunting-Cobb Living Learning Community for Women in STEM enjoy the experience of living with other STEM majors. As a resident off Bunting-Cobb, you can organize peer study, participate in on-site free tutoring sessions, and have access to the on-site computer lab.
    • Computer Lab/Tutoring and Study Lounge
    • Academic & Professional Development seminars/workshops

Bunting-Cobb Eligibility

Students pursuing a major in the following areas are eligible to live in Bunting-Cobb: Life Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, Math/Statistics, Medical Technology, Nursing, Pharmacy, Physics, Psychology, etc. If the major you are considering is not listed please contact the Douglass Project.


Are you ready to apply for the 2018-19 academic year?

Step 1:
Apply for your selection number! You cannot receive an offer for a space without it!
Application available: January 15, 2018-January 23, 2018

Step 2:
Complete the DRC Global Village / Bunting-Cobb / Honors Application via the Rutgers Housing Website:
Application available: January 15, 2018-January 23, 2018

Step 3:
Complete the DRC Supplemental Application

Failure to complete all 3 steps will prevent your application from being considered.
DEADLINE: Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Acceptances will be sent by January 30, 2018