Voorhees Chapel Policies and Procedures

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General Building Policy

The throwing of rice, bird seed, or flower petals or the use of helium balloons is PROHIBITED.

Food and/or beverages are NOT PERMITTED in Voorhees Chapel.

University departments/Clients are responsible for ensuring that the reserved space is used according to the purpose it was reserved.

The chapel is not to be used for unauthorized meeting space.

Douglass Residential College assumes no responsibility for equipment used at events supplied by an outside vendor.

The Chapel does not have air conditioning. There are 2 fans in the chapel. No portable air-conditioning units or additional fans are permitted in the chapel. Do not prop any doors or leave windows open.

No smoking is allowed inside the building or directly outside (steps of chapel.

No pets of any kind are allowed in the chapel with the exception of service dogs.

University Departments/Clients will be responsible for all building equipment (i.e. tables, chairs, stage, Audio Visual, etc.) and will be held liable for the equipment if lost, stolen, damaged or misplaced.

The Sponsoring Organization/Department or Client will waive any claims against Rutgers University Student/Douglass Residential College for damages, theft or loss of property.

At the conclusion of all events, it is the responsibility of the University Department/Client to remove anything including decorations, paper or other material used during the event.

Items cannot be nailed, tacked, stapled, glued, taped or otherwise fastened to ceilings, walls, windows, columns, painted surfaces, and doorways.


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Wedding Reservations

Weddings are scheduled for 3-hour slots. Rehearsals are scheduled in the evening Monday to Friday in two-hour slots after 5:00 p.m, starting no later than 7:30 p.m.

It is essential that all events located in Voorhees Chapel start on time so as not to impact the schedule of other events. Time is short between scheduled weddings and events. The Chapel opens one hour before the ceremony and locks one hour following the ceremony. The Chapel area must be cleared for the next event. If extra time is needed, arrangements must be made in advance and an additional fee is charged.

Please note, there is NO AIR CONDITIONING in the Chapel and this is an important issue to consider when scheduling a summertime wedding ceremony. No portable air-conditioning units or additional fans are permitted in the chapel.

A list of clergy across multiple faiths is available upon request from the Office of the Dean.



Guests must park behind the Douglass Student Center in the Parking Deck and adjacent Parking Lot 70 on Lipman Drive. Handicapped parking is available in the circle in front of Voorhees Chapel and lot adjacent to the chapel after 5:00 p.m. Please visit https://ipo.rutgers.edu/dots/event-parking to procure parking permits for your event.



The organ in the Chapel is owned by Douglass Residential College and can be used for a rental fee of $125.00. There is a separate contract for organ usage which you must obtain from us.

The price of renting the organ does not include the organist. Clients must schedule and contract with Renee Louprette, the Voorhees Chapel organist at (646) 853-1859 or via email at loupretter@yahoo.com, or contact the Douglass Residential College at (848)932-2554.

The piano in the Chapel is owned by Douglass Residential College and can be used for a rental fee of $100.00. There is a separate contract for the piano usage which you must obtain from us. The price of renting the piano does not include musician fees. Clients may wish to contact J.J. Cooper at the Rutgers Concert Bureau at rutgersconcertbureau@mgsa.rutgers.edu to secure the services of a Rutgers Concert Bureau musician, or you may provide your own.



The sound system in Voorhees Chapel allows for a podium microphone, two wireless microphones as well as AUX cable sound capability. Clients may bring outside systems.


Additional Equipment

Clients may also request the following:

  • Music stands
  • Extra Chairs
  • Table (Rectangular 5’x3’) 
  • Easel



Candelabras are available for a rental fee of $175. Clients must provide tapered dripless candles 12" high and are responsible for the repairing and/or replacing of any items including carpet and furniture damaged by candles or candelabras or damage to candelabras.



Clients may arrange for a florist to decorate the Chapel, but the florist cannot deliver until one half hour before the ceremony. The florist should supply all flower containers and pedestals. All flowers and decorations must be removed following the ceremony. If a runner for the center aisle is desired, the applicant must provide their own by either purchasing it themselves or through their florist. The Chapel aisle is 125 feet long and 4 ½ feet wide. Flower petals are not permitted to be loosely scattered inside or outside the church.



Douglass offers two areas for receptions: Trayes Hall, located in the Douglass Campus Center, and Archery Field located next to Voorhees Chapel.


Trayes Hall:

Trayes Hall, a lovely room providing seating for up to 225 people, is in the Douglass Campus Center across the street from Voorhees Chapel.  To reserve Trayes Hall, call the Center at (732) 932-9374.


Archery Field:

Archery Field is next to Voorhees Chapel and makes the perfect location for an outdoor reception.  A tent can be setup for almost any number of people.  The price for this package is $1,375 not including equipment or tent rental.  For information on renting a tent, contact Facilities Maintenance Services at (732) 932-9008.  (The tent must be pitched the evening before the day of the event and removed promptly after the event). 



To book Voorhees Chapel for your event, please contact voorhees_chapel@echo.rutgers.edu to find out about availability.