STEM Living Learning Communities

Computer Science Living-Learning Community

The Douglass-SAS-DIMACS Computer Science Living-Learning Community is an opportunity that first becomes available to incoming first-year undergraduate women at Rutgers who have indicated a strong interest in majoring or minoring in Computer Science. Participating students enjoy the benefits of sharing common residential, professional, and academic experiences while making new friends, exploring common interests, and being part of a close community of peers. Currently the CS LLC includes a structured first-year curriculum and continuous support for students as they move into their upper class years.

As a student in the Computer Science LLC, students benefit from the following:

  • Sharing a residential experience with other students in computer science majors

  • Residing on Busch Campus, at close proximity from resources offered for computer science students

  • Having a STEM Academic Leader and Graduate Mentor as support peer mentors

  • Enrollment in a one-credit house course that explores innovative and real-world applications of computer science

  • Participation in tutoring and study groups 

  • Eligibility for future funding to attend the women’s largest gathering for women technologists, Grace Hopper Celebration


Reilly Douglass Engineering Living-Learning Community

First-year women in the School of Engineering now have the opportunity to live in a unique Douglass Residential College and School of Engineering community housed in the engineering-focused Mattia Residence Hall on Busch Campus. Students will become fully integrated into the engineering community through hands-on learning, mentoring, interaction with School of Engineering faculty and alumni representatives, and innovative programming centered on professional development and academic enhancement. Students will also connect with peers enrolled in engineering core courses and have the advantage of tutoring support services provided in residence. Women in this residential community will become well equipped to succeed in their academic work and in the field of engineering.

First-year students should complete the Rutgers Housing Application, linked in the MyRutgers dashboard, and the supplemental Reilly Douglass Living-Learning Community application by clicking here.

For 2021-2022 application information, please contact: 
Nicole Wodzinski
Director, STEM Research Programs
Director, Reilly-Douglass Engineering Living-Learning Community

Bunting-Cobb for Women in STEM Living-Learning Community

The Bunting-Cobb LLC offers a supportive community for women pursuing STEM by recognizing the challenges and academic rigor of a science, technology, engineering, and/or math major through mentorship, academic support, professional development and residential programming. Students residing in Bunting-Cobb Living Learning Community for Women in STEM enjoy the experience of living with other STEM majors. As a resident of Bunting-Cobb, you can participate in peer study groups, in-residence free tutoring sessions, academic and professional development workshops and have access to the in-residence computer lab.

Bunting-Cobb residents are encouraged to participate in the programs offered in the LLC, meet regularly with their Graduate Mentors and Peer STEM Mentors, and respect the academic environment of the living-learning community. Additionally, Bunting-Cobb residents are strongly encouraged to engage in programs sponsored by the Douglass WiSE Program and the Douglass Residential College community. Becoming an active member in this community and participating in programs will help build your leadership skills, broaden your horizons, and encourage your academic growth.

First-year students should complete the application by clicking here and the supplemental form by clicking here.   

For application information, please contact:
Kayla Fowler
Director, Experiential STEM Programs  
Bunting-Cobb Women in STEM Living-Learning Community