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The BOLD Center for Leadership, Career, and Personal Development is an exciting initiative that positions Douglass students for excellence in work and life by providing an innovative and enriching set of leadership, mentoring, career, and personal development programs. The BOLD Center programs help students to clarify their academic and career goals, connect them with role models and mentors whose lives and work are exemplary, and prepare them for success in their personal and professional lives.

Interwoven through the BOLD Center Initiatives are four core values that are guiding principles for Douglass programs focused on career, leadership, and professional development: 1) exploration of identity and self-knowledge; 2) affirmative environments to lead, live, and work well; 3) promotion of confidence as a method of achieving one's aspirations; and 4) cultivation of professional and life skills. The BOLD curriculum is designed to encourage students to explore their identities as leaders, value diversity and inclusivity, develop confidence in their abilities, and build intellectual and practical skills to help them navigate life both during and beyond the college experience.

BOLD Center sponsors the following programs: 

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