Student & Alumnae Engagement

The Office of Student-Alumnae Engagement works to bring students and alumnae together. Through increased visibility, innovative programs and yearly events that include Douglass signature programs, the office seeks to engage more alumnae with the college and students in a meaningful way by offering information and opportunities that encourage lifelong support.

Douglass alumnae have an abundance of valuable insight that can make a lasting impact on the future success of Douglass students. Douglass has facilitated many events for alumnae and students to come together, inspiring students to engage more deeply in their field. This past October, a roundtable networking session at the Douglass Career Conference allowed 20+ esteemed alumnae to share their expertise with students. On January 7, 2019, Douglass hosted the PLEN Public Policy Alumnae Dinner, where students could directly interact with Douglass alumnae leaders in public policy. Engagement between current students and alumnae is so beneficial to the holistic educational experience that Douglass strives to give every student.

The wisdom recently graduated alumnae have to share is important to ensure Douglass students successfully start their careers after graduation. This past April, The Office of Student-Alumnae Engagement and the BOLD Center at Douglass hosted the event, #ADULTING-Life After Douglass, a young alumnae panel and mixer for current students. At the event, recent alumnae offered students advice on the next steps after graduation. New alumnae have a unique perspective on adult life that can help Douglass students to feel supported and prepared for the next phase of their lives after college.

Douglass also creates opportunities for alumnae to connect with each other, wherever they may be. In 2017, Douglass invited current students and alumnae to view Alice Aycock DC’68 art exhibition, The Turbulence Series, in New York City. In 2017, The Douglass Centennial on the Road: San Francisco event allowed West Coast alumnae to learn more about The Bold Center at Douglass, as well as take a tour at Google with Douglass alumna Tara Kousha DRC’12. Douglass will soon host another Douglass on the Road: San Francisco event, this year featuring artist, Emily Dvorin DC’64. Offering programming across the country helps our widespread network of alumnae to feel connected to Douglass—even from hundreds of miles away.

The Office of Student-Alumnae Engagement at Douglass recognizes that it is important to host a diverse range of events to best educate and inspire our current Douglass students and bring our wide network of alumnae together. In the coming months, we have planned various events for your participation and enjoyment that include another young alumnae panel and mixer with current students, and a Meet the Deans of Douglass event on Rutgers Day. Join us for a chance to strengthen your bond with Douglass by engaging the power of alumnae and connecting to future alumnae.


Volunteer Opportunities 

Knowledge and Power Interview Project: Call for Interview Subjects!

Each semester, Douglass students participate in an interview project where they are required to interview a woman in a career field of interest to them. This is the perfect opportunity for you if you have been in your profession for at least three years and are interested in sharing your insights with a student. Interviews last about 45 minutes and take place in person or via Skype. If you’re interested in becoming a mentor, please email

Webinar and Virtual Panels: The BOLD Center is looking for alumnae in all industries, especially in human resources, to participate in webinars and virtual panels for Douglass students. These webinars will focus on helping students navigate professional development during the COVID-19 pandemic. Topics will include remote interview etiquette, accommodating for canceled internships and research positions, career skills that can be developed at home, and what to know about the upcoming internship and job search season. If interested, please contact

2021 Externship Site Mentors: The BOLD Center is looking for alumnae volunteers who are willing to host a student at their company for a one to two week job shadowing experience. If you are interested in learning more about becoming an externship site mentor in the winter or spring of 2021, please email Virtual externship opportunities available.