Why Douglass


Douglass enhances success for women at Rutgers—and afterwards. Douglass amplifies your Rutgers education and gives you the close-knit community of a small liberal arts college. It gives you space to develop your voice, your confidence, your networking abilities and your clarity. These are well-documented advantages of a women’s college.

Douglass is the best of both worlds, a residential women’s college and a community within a comprehensive research university. The advantages of a women’s college have been well documented in successive studies by Hardwick Day for the Women’s College Coalition. They include:

  • Graduating in four years or less
  • Benefiting more from your network
  • Greater self-confidence
  • More willing to speak out
  •  Better prepared for your first job


“I chose Rutgers after graduating from Middlesex County College because it is the research school of New Jersey. Douglass offered fantastic opportunities for women and I am thankful for the staff and members of the community for making me feel welcome as a transfer student.”

—Ana G. Bonilla-Martinez, DRC’16

At Douglass, Bonilla-Martinez was a Bunting Student, and also participated in Speak Out: Exploring Womanhood, an organization at Rutgers that voices student gender perspectives, and issues pertaining to womanhood. Outside of the Rutgers community, Ana was involved with Wind of the Spirit, an immigrant rights organization, which helped her gain many leadership skills.