1950 Douglass freshmen in class

Global Village Stories: Alumnae Remember a Transformative History

Monday, January 29 2018 | 7:15 PM - 8:30 PM Location: Kathleen W. Ludwig Global Village Living Learning Center, Albers-Schonberg Room

In honor of the celebration of Douglass’ Centennial, the Global Village is convening a panel of alumnae who will tell the story of this unique and thought-provoking living learning community as it has evolved over the last several decades. The predecessor to the Global Village began as a community of language houses, and has evolved into a dynamic, engaging community of themed houses and related academic courses. With 150 women living in the Global Village today, the community and its mission stems from the original idea of bringing the world to Douglass women and sending Douglass women into the world as change agents. Alumnae from the 1960’s onward will share their memories and the impact of various iterations of what would become the Global Village during their time at  Douglass and beyond. These Douglass alumnae will join together to tell the stories of the stepping stones of the Global Village through the years. Speakers will remember the evolving themes and spirit of the evolving community, and they will answer questions from current Global Village students and other guests. This event captures the spirit of audible history, and is sure to stir over fifty years of hearts, minds, and memories.


  • Sonia Tyson ’69 – Spanish House
  • Shari Wesa ’09 – Coexist House (attending via Skype)
  • Marpessa Bell ’92 – Chair, Africana House
  • Doris Herron ’47 – French House (attending via video)
  • Cheryl Wilson’ 89 – Director Emerita, Africana House