Externship Student Information


The Douglass Externship Experience gives Douglass students the opportunity to gain professional experience and to build networks and relationships with Douglass alumnae and other professional mentors. The innovative one-to-two week externship, which takes place over the winter or spring break, pairs students with mentors who work in a field of their interest. During this time, students learn about the daily activities associated with that profession and receive guidance and support from their mentor as they consider future careers.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Douglass Externship Experience (for students)


Who runs the Douglass Externship Experience?

The team of educational professionals at Douglass Residential College, Rutgers Career Services, and externship site mentors—many of whom are Douglass alumnae—run the Douglass Externship Experience and bring expertise to enhance the learning experience for participants.


What type of experience will the externship program offer to me?

The Douglass Externship Experience offers currently enrolled Douglass Residential College students opportunities to shadow a career professional (for a one or two week time period) and be mentored by a professional (most often an alumna) in your area of interest or a career that you would like to learn more about. The program has an array of sites, cutting-edge technology, and workshops on your career skills. You can find out about your externship options on the website by using a searchable database of available externship sites and an online application process. You will receive a comprehensive set of programs designed to help you assess your goals, strengths, areas of interests, and areas of growth.


I am a first-year student. Can I take part in the Douglass Externship Experience?

First-year students, along with all DRC students, are encouraged to apply for the program. Preference will be given to students who need help clarifying their academic and career goals. Applying for an externship provides valuable practice in career skills such as resume building and interviewing, since all students who apply will be given an interview and must submit a resume.


I will be graduating in January. Can I participate in the externship program during spring break right after I graduate?

Only current Douglass Residential College students are eligible to take part in the Douglass Externship Experience. All DRC students are urged to take part before they graduate. Participation leads to experience and professional connections that can open doors for you in your search for full-time employment or in your plans for graduate or professional school.


I am a Rutgers student, but I am not a member of Douglass Residential College. Can I participate in the Douglass Externship Experience?

The Douglass Externship Experience is open only to currently enrolled members of Douglass Residential College. If you would like to enroll in DRC, please email us at discoverdouglass@echo.rutgers.edu. Enrollment is easy and has many benefits, such as the option to participate in the Douglass Externship Experience.


What are the benefits for me, as a student, participating in the Douglass Externship Experience?

Participating in the Douglass Externship Experience allows you to get an inside glimpse into the day-to-day work life in a particular career. By meeting people on the job, students can build a professional network. Many externship site mentors are Douglass alumnae who care deeply about the success of current Douglass students. Externship mentors often become personal mentors to their students, providing valuable advice and guidance, and they may be willing to serve as professional references when you enter the job market. You will also receive special workshops to sharpen your career skills. Students also develop their practical and networking skills on the job and through the application and interview process. Many students confirm their career path choices by seeing what it’s like to work in a specific job, some find that they need to rethink their plans, and others discover entirely new career possibilities that they had never considered!


What is the deadline for applying to the Douglass Externship Experience?

For the 2018-19 academic year, the deadline for applying is 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, October 25, 2018. Please allow plenty of time in applying because there are many opportunities to consider. The application will be available in September.


What materials do I need to apply to the Douglass Externship Experience?

To apply, you need a current resume that prominently lists Douglass Residential College and a personal statement about why you need the externship experience. You will also need to complete an online application, listing your top choices in order of preference (this means you will need time to review the job postings). The Externship Experience is open to currently enrolled Douglass Residential College students only. To join DRC, email us at discoverdouglass@echo.rutgers.edu.


What is the application process?

To apply, please begin by reviewing the job postings that will be available online by early October. You can sort listings by category or do a keyword search. Then, complete the online application and attach your resume. Please don’t forget to select a time slot for an interview! Notifications of placements will be sent to students by early December.


Are there any other requirements for the Douglass Externship Experience?

Applicants must take part in an interview as part of the application process. Students must also attend workshops that prepare them to be their best professional selves on the job. Workshops will cover a variety of topics; check the website and watch the Douglass Delivers newsletter for workshop dates/times and regular updates.


How will I travel to my externship?

Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from externship sites. It is important to consider how you will travel to and from the externship location and make sure to understand how much time it will take you to arrive on the job promptly every day. Interviewers will ask students to provide details on their transportation plans. In some rare cases, externship mentors may offer a travel stipend, but students should plan on covering the cost of their own transportation.


What is the difference between an externship and an internship?

An externship is a short, intense, job shadowing experience that takes place over a one-to-two week period, typically when students are on break and can be on the job full time for that time period. Internships, typically, are longer-term experiences, usually over the course of a full semester or over the summer session. Sometimes internships can be for a full academic year.


What is the timeline for the 2018-19 Douglass Externship Experience?


  • September 12: Information Session in Ludwig, 1:00-2:00pm
  • September 13: Information Session in Ludwig, 4:00-5:00pm


  • October 6: Career Conference in Trayes Hall, 11:00am-5:00pm
  • October 25: Student Application Deadline – 11:59pm


  • November 5-9: Interviews


  • December 4: Externships are awarded
  • December 6: Externship Prep Workshop in Ludwig, 7:00-9:00pm
  • December 7: Externship Prep Workshop in Ludwig, 12:00-2:00pm


  • January 7-11: first-week session
  • January 14-18: second-week session
  • January 7-18: two-week session


  • February 8: March Externs’ Recap Workshop in Ludwig, 3:00-5:00pm


  • March 18-22: Spring Break session


When would I participate in the Douglass Externship Experience?

Douglass Externship Experiences typically take place during a time that you are on break from classes – over the winter session break or spring break – so that you participate in the externship experience full-time for a week or two. Dates for the 2019 winter session break are January 7-11, 14-18 or 7-18. The spring break session is March 18-22.


Will I be able to find an externship placement in my chosen career?

Douglass Externship Experience sites are available in a broad range of areas – STEM, policy, economic development, finance, public interest, women’s rights, etc. We are building the site list every day. Even if you don’t obtain a placement in the precise career you have in mind, completing an externship in a related field (or even in a workplace you would just like to learn more about) can still be an extremely valuable experience. The professional networks you can build and the practical and career skills you develop in an externship will serve you well no matter what you do. And you may even discover an exciting career path you never considered!


I am a Douglass Residential College student. Am I guaranteed an externship placement?

Placement is competitive. While we make every effort to see that as many DRC students as possible are placed in externships, placement is not guaranteed. If you do get placed, it may not be in your first choice. To maximize your chance of getting a placement, take care in preparing your resume, attend workshops, and don’t restrict the choices on your application—be adventurous and you might find a new career path that you love!