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A Message from Interim Dean Meghan Rehbein to Students


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A Welcome from Interim Dean Meghan Rehbein

Dear Students,

Welcome to the Fall 2022 semester. On behalf of the staff at Douglass, we’re excited to have you back!

Research shows that students that have the most positive college experience, and stay through graduation, are those who find a sense of connection. With this in mind, I urge you to fully engage in all that Douglass has to offer. As a reminder, below are a few important things you should be doing every semester to stay involved:

  • Join at least one student club/organization – you can find a listing of all Douglass student organizations and their contact information here.
  • Attend Douglass programming – data shows that going to just a few events throughout the semester makes a significant difference in a students’ level of satisfaction with their college experience. See our calendar of events here.
  • Schedule an appointment or drop by Carpendar Hall to meet your advisor/staff mentor who can connect you to academic programs, opportunities for career and leadership development, and University resources. Meet the staff mentors.
  • Look for the “Douglass Delivers” in your inbox every week. Our student e-newsletter has the latest information on Douglass events, activities, and application opportunities. In addition to highlighting ongoing workshops, webinars, and opportunities, the Douglass Delivers provides “Save the Date” notices for important in-person events, such as the upcoming:
  • Follow us on social media: @rudouglass

Remember there is not just one way to get engaged. You can become a connected part of the community in whatever way works for you. In the meantime, if you need any help please reach out to your staff mentor.

Once again, I welcome you to Douglass College. As the semester gets underway, let’s celebrate this moment and commit to taking the actions that will allow you to realize all the amazing opportunities this year has in store. I’m looking forward to working alongside each of you.



Dr. Meghan Rehbein

Interim Dean of Douglass