Happy Holidays from Dean Litt

Dear Douglass Community,

Happy holidays to those who celebrate and a joyous winter season to all.

2020 has been a challenging year, but the Douglass community remains a cornerstone of solidarity and purpose. Our students continue to progress toward their goals with determination, approaching their education with the same zeal they bring to on-campus learning. Many have had to overcome financial and other obstacles, and in the process, they have become models of strength and persistence. For this very reason the support of Douglass alumnae, who are also facing their own challenges, has never been so valuable! My gratitude and respect go to our community, who have rallied together to enhance our beloved Douglass College.

At Douglass, we have addressed the obstacles of this year together. Students, staff, alumnae and friends have joined to transform in-person programming into remote instruction. Our community has engaged innovative speakers in critical dialogues on the issues of racial injustice endangering our country. Our exceptional STEM research program went online this year, including online research and a virtual student conference. Our BOLD Center’s Leadership Academy enrolled record numbers of students interested in gaining skills essential for their career pathways. Finally, our Computer Science and Engineering Learning Communities are bursting at the seams with students who continue to break the glass ceiling in these fields.

In the months ahead, Douglass will continue to offer support through times of hardship and will celebrate in times of triumph. Along with our outstanding students and alumnae, I am confident in our ability to problem solve, innovate, and offer a first-class education that transforms women students’ lives and, therefore, the world.

Wishing each of you a healthy and safe New Year and thanks to all of you for your great support.

Click here a special message from Douglass with a song recorded by The 1967-68 Douglass Weepies, an a cappella group at the College.


Jacquelyn Litt, Ph.D.