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The Global Village's La Casa Holds Hispanic Heritage Month Event

The Douglass Global Village’s La Casa, will be holding "Picnic Con Los Amigos," a celebration in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, on October 10, 2021 from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM in the Jameson Courtyard. At the picnic, there will be Bachata lessons, giveaways, and a keynote speaker. All Douglass students are invited to attend.

"This event is meant for everyone to come together, regardless of background, and share the celebration of Latin culture," said Ivanna Bardales DRC'23.

La Casa is a themed "house" in Douglass’ Global Village, a living-learning community that focuses on international topics and considerations facing women around the world. Students in Global Village living-learning communities live together in a common space, take a for-credit course on their house’s theme, and work together on community service-learning and research projects. Global Village living-learning communities are part of a three-pronged global learning initiative at Douglass.

“This year in La Casa, I most look forward to learning about my Latina roots while building relationships and learning from the other diverse cultures of my classmates” said Laisha Perez DRC'23, a La Casa student.

La Casa focuses on the study of the Spanish-speaking world, including the cultures of countries in Africa, the Caribbean, and the Americas, as well as the U.S. Latin community. Students in La Casa engage with rich cultural diversity while learning how populations from distinct countries and cultures became portrayed as a single group. With an emphasis on the representations of women’s identity in traditionally Spanish speaking contexts, the majority of the house material and activities is conducted in Spanish.

"I’m excited to really get into the course content of La Casa this year to learn more about Latin cultures," said Bardales. "This is important to me because as a Peruvian woman I want to learn more about my culture’s history as well as other Latin countries."

Picnic Con Los Amigos is one of many events the students will participate in this year as a part of the Global Village's programming.

“This event focuses on inclusivity, education, and celebrating the diverse Latino/a culture from all around the world," said Perez. "People should attend this event because it’s a fun and inclusive environment where we will dance, eat, make friends, and, most importantly, learn and celebrate about the historical Hispanic Heritage Month!”

To learn more about La Casa, and the Global Village, students can attend Picnic Con Los Amigos on October 10, 2021.