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The Douglass Honors College Community STEAM Trip

STEAM Presenters

The Honors College Community is a unique living-learning community available to students dually enrolled in Douglass and the Honors College. With added support in both networking and mentorship, students can take part in various facets of academic, career, and personal exploration. The Douglass Honors Community offers a robust variety of events throughout the year that are designed to educate students on gender issues, social justice, community leadership, and career planning.

One special opportunity available to Douglass Honors students is the Innovator-in-Residence Program. The course, based in New York City in January, introduces students to the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) movement. The Innovator-in-Residence serves as a mentor to students throughout the year. This year’s Innovator-in-Residence is Nathalie Miebach, who works at the intersection of scientific data and art. Miebach’s work focuses on representing statistics about conservation and climate change through sculpture and music. Douglass leaders were selected to join Miebach for the highly competitive experience. 

While in New York City, the students examined how artists, designers, activists, and other creative professionals address the concerns of conservation and climate change in a large metropolitan area.

“It was an honor to spend this time with these smart, fun, and thoughtful Douglass College women,” Miebach wrote on Instagram. 

Later this year, students will present their findings from the Innovator-in-Residence experience. For now, the program continues to make the Douglass Difference for student scholars around campus. 

“I love the Douglass Honors Community because it’s a really close-knit community. We all sit in the lounge together, talk about how our days were . . . and help each other with assignments,” said Aditi Kiron DRC’22. “It’s a community I would not have found if I wasn’t part of Douglass.”