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Announcing the 2022-2023 Faculty Fellows at Douglass

The College is excited to announce a new cohort of Faculty Fellows for the 2022-2023 school year!

The Douglass Faculty Fellows Program is a new Douglass initiative open to all students that brings cutting-edge professionals to campus to work directly with Douglass students on their projects and research. Fellows include innovators from a variety of fields, including the fine arts, social justice, medicine, academia, activism, and more. Students may be eligible to receive a stipend for their work.

In addition to returning fellows such as Dr. Pamela Brug DC’84 and renowned artist kyle b. co., students will have the opportunity to work on new projects with artist and scholars. Among the new experiences offered is The Pronoun Project with Dr. Carlos Decena of the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Department at Rutgers University. Students will work Dr. Decena on a qualitative research study examining challenges trans and nonbinary students at Rutgers face on campus and in classrooms, particularly regarding misgendering. At the conclusion of the project, students will work with Dr. Decena to present their findings to President Jonathan Holloway, each of the chancellors, and Chancellor-Provost Francine Conway.

Students interested in music creation will work with Taína Asili, an artist who has cultivated a 25 year-long career as a singer, songwriter and multidisciplinary artist contributing her work to movements for racial, gender and climate justice. Asili will guide participants in a process of social justice songwriting—which encourages student musicians and poets to take their hopes for change and express them through music. She will also perform a live concert for students at Douglass’ Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month celebration on September 16, 2022.

Elsewhere, future educators will connect with Dr. Holly Hartford on a project that explores how transforming the American K-12 system to be more diverse, inclusive, accessible and just will create a pipeline to success for marginalized groups. This study will offer hands-on research experience to student teachers and all those passionate about reshaping the education system.

Programs like Faculty Fellows truly make the Douglass difference in the lives of students. The opportunity to engage in direct research experience with faculty and professional mentors offer undergraduates pathways to employment opportunities, graduate school, and personal development. To read more about all of the 2022-2023 Faculty Fellows, click here!