Information for Site Mentors

Thanks to a transformational gift to the BOLD Center at Douglass from Stacey DC’80 and Brian ENG’80 Reilly, the new Reilly Program at the BOLD Center for Advancing Women’s Professional Development educates and prepares women for careers of impact and distinction. The two-year program features a specialized professional development curriculum combined with an immersive workplace experience, the externship. Presenting students with multidisciplinary, real-world problems, exposure to global trends, new forms of organizational development, and innovative forms of leadership, the Reilly Program at the BOLD Center advances the career preparation and vision of Douglass women.

The goals of the new Reilly Program at the Bold Center at Douglass are to:

  1. Provide an educational program focused on advancing women’s professional development; understanding new trends in leadership and other business concepts; and identifying measures to sustain diversity, equity, and inclusion for women in the workplace.
  2. Provide a pathway to job-shadowing and applied learning through externships.
  3. Increase the percentage of students who obtain internships.

One component of the comprehensive program is the immersive workplace experience (externship), a one or two week time period where students shadow and are mentored by a professional (site mentor) in their area of interest or in a career that they would like to learn more about. The site mentor introduces students to the industry and workplace and, perhaps, assigns a small project for the student to complete. 

Given that it is still unclear what local and federal regulations will be in 2021, we are asking that only remote or virtual externship applications be submitted for the winter and spring break sessions of the externship. Because this will be remote, and many of the activities site mentors used to be able to do will not be possible, therefore we are not requiring a full 5 days per session. The goal is to give the students the best opportunity we can, given the limitations.

If your site needs to host an IN-PERSON externship, please select the summer 2021 session when we will hopefully again be able to send students to sites.

To apply to be a site mentor for 2021, click here. The deadline is October 5, 2020 for the winter and spring sessions.

Since remote externships are new to all of us, here are some ideas for how to translate your previously in-person externship into a remote externship:

  • Schedule a first-day virtual call with the student(s) to get to know them and talk about your organization.
  • Schedule virtual meetings with other colleagues, perhaps in different units at your organization to give them a sense of the various roles.
  • Schedule a meeting between the student(s) and the person responsible for diversity and inclusion at your organization.
  • Have students virtually sit-in on department or organization meetings you attend, and/or talk to them about projects you are working on.
  • Give the student(s) a short-term task or set of tasks to complete on their own time e.g. research, digital media, data entry, etc.
  • Check in on their progress daily, either via email or by virtual call, to answer any questions they have or just to make sure they are on the right track.
  • Have the student present either live or via a recorded video on the work they did, what they learned, and what questions they would like to follow up with.
  • Schedule a last day virtual call to go over what they learned during their externship, the work they did (if applicable) and give them advice about next steps for their career.



This program extends benefits to both students and mentors as it connects the best women students in the country with mentors in their field of study.

  • Our students are inspired by professional role models who can help them discern future aspirations and goals. Our students are a motivated and diverse group who will inspire you with their fresh perspectives, eagerness to learn, and sheer potential.
  • Participating as a site mentor can assist in your recruitment goals—your DRC extern may become your next best employee!


Application Information

We are currently accepting site mentor applications on a rolling basis for winter, spring, and summer 2021.

Contact Us: Leslie Danehy, Executive Director and Assistant Dean at or 848-932-3184 or Stephanie M. Perez, Associate Director at or 848-932-3158