Transfer Students

Students who transfer to Rutgers from various four and two-year schools face similar challenges: from adjusting to the size and expectations of Rutgers to new policies and requirements, to multiple campuses, bus routes, and a dizzying array of opportunities from which to choose. The Douglass staff, deans, and advisors at Douglass are very aware of the challenges that transfer students experience, especially upon arrival. We also understand that transfer students need to finish their degrees efficiently and learn about the opportunities that will best prepare them for future careers, graduate, or professional schools. In addition to transfer advisors at the respective schools, The Director of the Mentor Program at Douglass is available throughout the summer to answer questions, resolve confusion, assist students in understanding the transfer process, and refer students to staff or faculty who can provide accurate information. Fulltime SAS students can enroll in a Douglass section of the Transfer Seminar, "Students in Transition," along with the Douglass mission course, "Knowledge and Power: Issues in Women's Leadership." The Douglass community is both welcoming and informative.

At Douglass, we also assign a transfer student PAL (Peer Academic Leader) to transfer students upon arrival in the fall. The transfer PAL is especially adept at explaining things like drop/add, bus routes, course expectations, and web registration, and will refer each student to a dean or mentor as necessary.

During the Douglass transfer student orientation, we provide students with resources, introduce you to the campus deans, and ask current students to describe their experiences at Douglass. The Transfer Peer Academic Leader and the Douglass deans and mentors are always accessible and will help students find their academic paths, along with their niche on campus. Once the year begins, new transfer students are already prepared to engage in traditional college events, leadership programs, study abroad, research options, scholarships and externships, among many other programs. These are the opportunities that prepare our students for the future.


Director of Mentor Program: Rebecca Reynolds

(848) 732-3026