Scholarships and Fellowships


Scholarship Opportunities for Students

At Douglass, scholarships ensure that you can achieve your academic, professional, and personal goals. From funded study abroad trips and funded research stipends to help with covering the general costs of college, opportunities are waiting for you at Douglass! New students include incoming first-year students or transfers for the fall semester to Rutgers University. Current students include all other students currently enrolled at Douglass. Click the tabs below to see what scholarship opportunities are available for you! For more information about any of the below opportunities, please email


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Douglass offers scholarships to new first year and transfer students. This application process is for scholarship consideration for women who have been admitted to Rutgers-New Brunswick and choose to be a part of Douglass Residential College (DRC) in the upcoming academic year.


* For current students, all opportunities outlined here require the following eligibility criteria to apply:

  • Enrolled in Douglass Residential College
  • Minimum of a 2.7 Cumulative GPA

Current Student General Scholarship Application

For students currently enrolled in Douglass.


Summer General Scholarship Application

For current students interested in taking summer session courses at Rutgers-New Brunswick only.


Study Abroad Scholarships*

For current students studying abroad through a Rutgers Study Abroad or Rutgers Academic Department sponsored program only. *Funding availability dependent on Rutgers policies on study abroad due to COVID-19.


Winter 2022 Study Abroad Application


Spring 2022 Study Abroad Application


Summer 2021 Study Abroad Scholarship Application


Fall 2021 Study Abroad Scholarship Application


Academic Year 2021-2022 Study Abroad Scholarship Application



Douglass Awards


Douglass Residential College is proud to provide support to its students in an effort to assist in the enrichment of their education. The amazing feats accomplished by Douglass women continue to be a cornerstone of pride and are the motivation for the creation of these awards. The finalists will be announced and presented during this year’s Sacred Path ceremony taking place Sunday, April 4, 2021.


Opportunity Grants

Douglass Residential College seeks to support its students in endeavors that further enrich their collegiate experience. The following opportunities are being supported through this funding request:

  • Conferences
  • Service-Learning Trips (Rutgers affiliated or non-affiliated)
  • Research Projects (Must apply directly through ARESTY’s website.)

In order to be considered for funding, the application must contain the following:

  • Completed application form
  • A 1-2 page double spaced essay describing your project or program as well as the primary goals in undertaking this project
  • A detailed and justifiable budget outline for this project
  • A recommendation letter from an advisor or staff member who is affiliated with this project (If not applicable, someone who can speak to the benefit of your participation in this project faculty, advisor, etc.)
  • Flyer of Program
  • Acceptance Letter

If selected for funding the student agrees to the following:

  • Completing a Donor Information and Scholarship Acceptance Form
  • Completing a thank you note
  • Completing a 1 page reflection within 14 days of the conclusion of their project


Associate Alumnae of Douglass College Fellowship Program Application for Douglass Residential College Graduating Seniors

Douglass Residential College and its generous donors continue their commitment to students throughout their college career and beyond. The Associate Alumnae of Douglass College Fellowship Program for Douglass Residential College Graduating Seniors provides support via fellowship awards for students in their of advanced graduate degrees.