Ways to Give

All gifts made to Douglass Residential College are transferred to accounts held by Douglass Residential College.

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Please see below to give online, mail a check or other ways to give.

Thank you for your support!

Give your 100% tax-deductible gift now to Douglass Residential College. The different ways to make your gift are listed below.

1.  Make Your Gift Online

      You can click on the button below to make your gift immediately

Give now!

For all gifts made directly to Douglass Residential College:  a portion of these gifts will be used to fund further advancement efforts on behalf of Rutgers through the Rutgers University Foundation, which is a 501(c) 3 tax-exempt organization and the fundraising arm of the university. The sole mission of the Foundation is to support Rutgers and its individual schools and units.

2.  Make Your Gift By Phone

     Please call if you have any questions on donating to Douglass Residential College: 

     Maureen Mollahan
     Assistant Dean of Advancement, Douglass Residential College
     Phone:  848-932-3041
     Email: maureen.mollahan@rutgers.edu

3.  Make Your Gift By Mail

     Mail a check or money order made payable to Rutgers University Foundation to:

     Douglass Residential College 
     Attn: Office of Development
     College Hall, Room 302
     125 George Street                                   
     New Brunswick, NJ 08901

     To ensure proper handling of your check or money order, please include the following                   information:

  • The designation of the gift - e.g. Where the Need is Greatest at Douglass, Advancing Women in STEM at Douglas, etc.
  • The name(s) and address(es) of the donor(s)
  • The gift amount
4.  Send in the Form for Matching Gifts

If you work at one of the 1,000-plus U.S. companies offering matching-gift programs, you can dramatically maximize the impact of your gift to Douglass Residential College. These companies recognize the importance of giving, and they will match their employees' gifts, often 1:1 and sometimes more.  Find out if your company or subsidiary will match your gift.

5.  Leaving a Bequest to Douglass Residential College

A bequest gift, which is designated in a will, is often the largest donation an individual can make.  With a bequest, you create your own legacy at Douglass.  Please contact us if you have any questions on making a bequest:  

      Maureen Mollahan
      Assistant Dean of Advancement, Douglass Residential College
      Phone:   848-932-3041
      Email:     maureen.mollahan@echo.rutgers.edu

If you have already planned a bequest to benefit Douglass or its students, please let us know so that we can thank you. The proper wording in your will for designating a gift to Douglass is "to Douglass Residential College."  Please note too that bequests can be listed as a gift for Douglass right away if the donor is 65 or older.  Bequests from donors of all ages are much appreciated and are very important to the future of Douglass.

6.  Giving a Gift of Securities/Stock

Making a gift of appreciated securities can be a great tax-efficient method of supporting Douglass Residential College.  Donating such stock to Douglass can help you reduce or eliminate capital gains tax.  You can use this form to make your stock donation (select Douglass College in the School Name list on the form), or call or email us if you have questions on donating stock to Douglass: 

    Maureen Mollahan
    Assistant Dean of Advancement, Douglass Residential College
    Phone:  848-932-3041
    Email:  maureen.mollahan@rutgers.edu

7.  Other Ways to Give or Any Questions on Giving to Douglass

If you would like to discuss specific gift options, such as charitable trusts or gift annuities, or if you want to  learn how gifts of assets such as real estate or retirement plans can have immediate tax benefits, or if you are interested in hearing about other estate planning tools for optimizing your charitable gift to Douglass, please contact:

    Maureen Mollahan
    Assistant Dean of Advancement, Douglass Residential College
    Phone:  848-932-3041
    Email:  maureen.mollahan@rutgers.edu


Any other questions on giving to Douglass – please contact us!   We are here to help.