Staff Listing

Our Dean

  • Jacquelyn Litt
    Dean, Douglass Residential College and Douglass Campus
  • Allison Antwi
    Director of Strategic Initiatives
  • Ellen Lieberman
    Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs
  • Maria DePina
    Senior Department Administrator
  • Edie Prescod
    100th Annivesary and Events Coordinator
  • Ksenia Bobylak
    Administrative Assistant
  • Grace Calogera
    Administrative Assistant
  • Merrie Snead
    Director of Communications
  • Sara Miller
    Communications Specialist
  • Sylvia Hove
    Unit Administrator, Facilities Rentals
  • Sonia Khalil
    Program Coordinator, Yule Log and Sacred Path

Academic Programs

  • Tasia Milton
    Senior Program Coordinator
  • Elizabeth Gunn
    Assistant Dean

Bold Center at Douglass for Career and Leadership Development

  • Margot Baruch
    Associate Director of Leadership
  • Rebecca Reynolds 
    Assistant Dean, Mentoring & Bunting Programs
  • Leslie Danehy
    Assistant Dean and Executive Director
  • Zainab Alam
    Douglass PLEN Coordinator

Office of Advancement

  • Summaiyah Hyder
    Advancement Assistant
  • Denise Wagner
    Director of Development
  • Ife Meadows
    Director of Student and Alumnae Engagement
  • Maureen Mollahan
    Assistant Dean of Advancement

STEM Living Learning Communities

  • Sally Nadler
    Interim Dean
  • Cynthia Sanchez Gomez
    Director, Douglass-SAS-DIMACS Computer Science Living-Learning Community 
  • Nicole Wodzinski
    Director, Research Programs in STEM
  • Beth Bors
    Program Coordinator, Bunting-Cobb Res. Hall and Pre-College Programs for Women in STEM

Student & Alumnae Engagement

  • Merylou Rodriguez
    Director of Scholarships, Housing and Student Engagement
  • Courtney Teryek
    Senior Student Programs Coordinator
  • Amanda Hardie
    Assistant Dean