The student culture at Douglass Residential College is largely influenced by the diverse student body. The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Program train 25-45 ambassadors each year to lead conversations with other students on campus on topics such as Allyship, LGBTQ+ Justice, Ableism, Racism, and Mental Health. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Ambassadors are an intricate part of the Program.

The Douglass Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Program will afford Ambassadors the opportunity to:

  • Strengthen cultural competency skills at Douglass and beyond 
  • Contribute to the diversity, equity, and inclusion strategic initiative that supports the Douglass mission 
  • Network and socialize with a special cohort of dedicated Douglass leaders, alumnae, and staff 
  • Provide support and training for the Douglass community 
  • The Program seeks student leaders that are passionate about causes and initiatives that foster diversity, equity, and inclusion. Students interested in creating a greater sense of community among Douglass students, celebrating the variety of cultures and experiences within Douglass, and advancing open-mindedness and diversity of thought are encouraged to apply. 


  • Leadership and training opportunities that will strengthen cultural competency skills at Douglass and beyond. 
  • Ambassadors are invited to an exclusive retreat twice a year. 
  • Ambassadors will receive a free DEI gift bag. 
  • Select ambassadors will be eligible to attend special conferences for free, such as the MARK Conference, or special Douglass DEI Program sponsored events.


  • Serve as an ambassador for a complete academic year (August 2020 – May 2021) 
  • Attend one retreat per semester (Dates TBD) 
  • Attend bi-weekly meetings (TBD) 
  • Attend one DEI event per semester 
  • Participate in Canvas discussion posts 
  • Use social media and word-of-mouth, when necessary, to communicate important messages to the student body regarding upcoming Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee Events 
  • Uphold the values and goals of Douglass Residential College, as they have been expressed in the Strategic Plan, which may be found by clicking here 
  • Represent the student body with integrity and voice concerns to the administration addressing where diversity is a concern 
  • Provide critical insight and accurate research to the committee that is both thoughtful and helpful to diversity and inclusion initiatives 
  • Ambassadors are expected to identify vital ways that Douglass Residential College and Rutgers University can improve diversity initiatives in a way that is organic and wide-reaching