Terre Martin DC69

Celebrating Douglass Milestone Years


Douglass alumna Terre Martin,DC’69 was not expecting to spend so much time back on campus after retiring from the Rutgers Office of Community Affairs. However, as the Centennial Committee Alumna Chair, she has spent the past two years working closely with Douglass and Rutgers staff to plan an incredible yearlong celebration for her alma mater.

“I attended dinner for the 95th anniversary of Douglass, and I mentioned to Dean Litt that since I would be retiring soon, I would love to help with the 100th,” said Terre. “It’s like I went from employee, to volunteer, to almost an employee again,” she laughed.

Luckily for Douglass, Terre brings a unique set of skills to the Centennial Committee. Not only does she have experience working on large scale events like Rutgers Day, she was a student member of the Douglass 50th anniversary committee. “There’s a continuity from being a part of the 50th anniversary. If I could be back here for the 150th, I would be.”

“What we planned for the 50th wasn’t as grand as the 100th. The committee was two or three members from each class, Dean Foster was our advisor, and we were planning things we wanted to do as students. We sponsored a concert with the singer Jack Jones that was held in the Rutgers campus barn. His opening act was the jazz drummer Buddy Rich."

Throughout the year, Douglass will be celebrating the many contributions Douglass alumnae and other women have made to the arts, sciences, and social justice. Douglass alumna, Dr. Kathleen Taylor, who contributed to the development of the catalytic converter will be giving her lecture on Friday, October 6, 2017, right after the Douglass Project SUPER Research Symposium.

The event Terre is most looking forward to highlights alumnae in another arena where women unfortunately, are still overlooked.

“I’m a women’s basketball season ticket holder. The team is fantastic and more people should see them. I thought we could make a Douglass Night at one of their games, and everyone could come out and see the women’s team.”

Terre’s desire to invite everyone to a game has blossomed into a celebration honoring all Douglass athletes. A Girls and Women in Sports Day, co-sponsored with Rutgers Athletics, will be held for alumnae, ticket holders, and girls sports team from around the area. Douglass athletes will be honored at half-time with a video and the ones who are able to attend will be honored on the court. More information about this spring Centennial event will be shared in the coming weeks.

The Centennial events provide a wonderful opportunity for alumnae to reconnect with Douglass and her students. “I hope more alumnae come out to see what young women are learning today, versus what I learned 50 years ago. They are so into programs like STEM and majoring in programs like bioengineering that weren’t available back then.”