Information for Site Mentors

Site Mentor Application

By becoming a site mentor, you’ll play a key role in students’ future success while also providing your company with a pipeline of motivated potential employees. The Douglass Externship Experience is an excellent recruitment service, providing an opportunity to evaluate potential employees without a long-term commitment.

During the experience, students work with their mentors to learn some of the realities of their potential profession. Students typically take on a project that they can complete within the short time frame. This short-term “try on a career” experience has been an important developmental tool for our students.

If you have questions, please contact Dr. Leslie Danehy at


Externship Timeline & Career Development Opportunitites

Who runs the Douglass Externship Experience?

The team of educational professionals at Douglass Residential College plans and directs the Douglass Externship Experience, bringing career and student development expertise to enhance the learning experience for students. With close ties to Rutgers University Career Services and to Human Resource professionals at our corporate partners, we have comprehensive resources that support both students and mentors.


What are some of the main features of the Externship Experience?

The main feature is a one or two week experience during which students spend time at an organziation while shadowing a professional (Site Mentor). The mentor introduces students to the industry and workplace and, perhaps, assigns a small project for the student to complete.

Students experience a competitive application process, are interviewed in person by Douglass Staff, and participate in career development workshops in preparation for the externship.

The College will match the students with a Site Mentor based on the students academic and career goals.


How can I be an externship site mentor?

If you would like to offer a Douglass student an externship experience please contact Dr. Leslie Danehy at, 848-932-3184 or follow this link to apply:


What if I offer to be an externship site mentor and no student is matched with me this year?

Sometimes there may not be a good fit between the pool of students and the sites available, and that can change from year to year. Even if a student is not placed with you this academic year, we hope you choose to participate again in the next round.


I would like to be a site mentor for the Douglass Externship Experience but the dates of the program in January and March are not convenient for my business. Can I host an externship student at other times?

Because the externship program is an experience in which students are on site full-time for a one-to-two week period, externships should take place when classes are not in session, which is why they are typically scheduled in the winter and spring breaks. Under some circumstances we can accommodate a request for an alternative time arrangement if agreed to by the site mentor and student. We will also consider summer externship opportunities. If you have additional questions, please contact


What are the benefits of becoming an externship site mentor?

The Douglass community of peers, professionals, and alumnae have long been mentoring and supporting each other. The Douglass Externship Experience extends that benefit to both students and mentors. The program engages the best women students in the country with mentors’ stories of their own lessons learned and their workplace expertise. Research on mentoring documents the overwhelmingly positive experience of mentoring for the mentors themselves: a sense of helping others, a sense of learning from mentees, and a sense of contributing to the institution. Of course your engagement with our students will offer life-long learning. Our students are inspired by professional role models who can help them discern future aspirations and goals. Our students are a motivated and diverse group who will inspire you with their fresh perspectives, eagerness to learn, and sheer potential. And participating in the Externship Experience can assist in your recruitment goals—your DRC extern may become your next best employee!


I am not a Douglass alumna. Can I still be an Externship Experience mentor?

Yes! The college wants to offer the widest range of excellent opportunities to our students. The good percentage of the extern mentors are Douglass alumnae and we welcome our corporate partners, Rutgers alumni, and Friends of Douglass to the program.


I am not in a position to be an Externship Experience mentor, but I would like to support the program. How can I do so?

We welcome funding to cover the costs of student travel to their externship sites and scholarships for students that allow them to forego paid employment while completing their externships. To provide financial support for the program, please contact the Douglass Director of Development, Ms. Denise Wagner, at or 848-932-3030.


What is the timeline for the 2018-19 Douglass Externship Experience?

  • December 4th: Externships are awarded


  • Winter Break Externship
    • January 7-11 (first week)
    • January 14-18 (second week)
    • January 7-8 (two week session)
  • Spring Break Externship
    • March 18-22

Will I have the opportunity to interact with externs before the experience?

When the pairing is complete, the students will contact their site mentors and introduce themselves. You are welcome to interact with your student as much as you wish.

Also, we welcome site mentors to volunteer as interviewers for the program.


Which students are eligible to take part in the Externship Experience?

All current students in Douglass Residential College in good academic standing are allowed to apply to the Douglass Externship Experience. Each student will undergo a developmental interview with DRC staff members to assess her goals and her readiness for the experience.