Global Village House Themes

Global Village

Fall 2021 - Spring 2022


Africana: Gender & the Black Diaspora

Engage with the Black American, African, and Caribbean cultures in New Brunswick and beyond. Learn about the contemporary issues facing members of the African Diaspora and explore Black feminist thought through cultural manifestations of identity politics.


Art as Activism

Cultivate your own creative spirit through hands on engagement with different art forms. Explore women in art as change agents around the world and connect to your inner activist through multi-modal creative expressions. In the spring semester, students will curate an exhibition of artwork from the course.


Global Cuisine

Global Cuisine Global Cuisine introduces students to the cultural contexts of nutrition and cuisine as this impacts girls and women around the globe. Students will examine issues of food scarcity and security, genetically modified food, and physical and mental health related to food. The course will also explore women who influence the global food chain and issues of access, equality, and social justice related to nutrition. There will be lots of cuisine sampling in the classroom and around the region. Engage in local and regional travel opportunities, special events, and local and global activism.


Global Health & Medicine

Global Health & Medicine Explore the public health challenges as a women’s issue in New Brunswick and around the world. Delve into a variety of practices of medicine designed by and from women and girls in a global context. Explore the role women have played in research, and barriers to women in medicine careers. Evaluate equity within global health worldwide, and make recommendations for improving the lives of women both locally and globally.


Greenhouse: Environmental Sustainability

This house focuses on the importance of developing and implementing sustainable environmental practices that influence behavior, education, environmental access, bioterrorism and more. This house is centered on nutrition, both physical and renewable resources and the urgency for answers to climate change.


Human Rights

Engage with the effects of social and historical oppression on diverse and disempowered populations at home and around the world. Develop hands on experience through community service, and put theory into action by sharing what you learn with the University community through project based learning. Leverage critical thinking skills to explore your own ideas of human rights, privilege, and identity to address inequality and discrimination on a national and global scale.  


La Casa Hispánica

Spanish-speaking world through the study of culture of countries in Africa, the Caribbean, and the Americas, as well as the U.S. Latinx world. Engage with the rich cultural diversity of Spain, Latin America, the Caribbean, the United States, and Equatorial Guinea, and learn how populations from distinct countries and cultures became portrayed as a single group. With an emphasis on the representations of women’s identity in traditionally Spanish speaking contexts, the majority of the house material and activities is conducted in Spanish.