The Gender and Arts Program

About the Program

The Gender and Arts Program began in 2019 thanks to a generous gift from Douglass alumna, Juliette Mittendorf Hill. As an artist and art teacher, she hoped to provide all Douglass women an opportunity to engage and interact with the different arts disciplines, regardless of a student’s major. She felt that knowledge of the arts and creative practices was an important part of a well-rounded liberal arts education. As such, the Program provides varying degrees of involvement in the arts for DRC women with an elective seminar and capstone project for students interested in the distinction of a Douglass Arts Certificate. Other opportunities include on-campus workshops with active artists to learn about their work and inspirations, trips to experience music, theatre, and dance performances in New Brunswick and New York City, and opportunities for student creative endeavors. All of these activities are designed so that students can develop and maintain a lifelong connection with the arts that will supplement their professional aspirations. There is also an annual Arts Exhibition hosted on the Douglass campus to showcase the work by Douglass women.

Dr. Cody Grabbe oversees the Gender and Arts Program as the Director of Experiential Education. He has previously taught courses in music performance, music history, and comprehensive arts seminars. He earned his Doctor of Musical Arts in Clarinet at Michigan State University. Dr. Grabbe has performed with many orchestras throughout the Midwest including the Columbus and Detroit Symphony Orchestras as a clarinetist and bass clarinetist. From 2014-2018 he oversaw the Arts Scholars Program at The Ohio State University. He has been with Douglass since 2018. His personal interests including, music, cooking, and adventures with his two rescue dogs, Elphaba and Luna.

For more information, please contact Dr. Grabbe:

Dr. Cody Grabbe

Director of Experiential Education


The Gender and Arts Program through Douglass Residential College will provide all Douglass women the opportunity to augment their experience through visual and performing arts opportunities on and off campus. Opportunities to engage with the fine arts and to create are key components of the experience. Students can join the Douglass Arts Advisory Board for a leadership opportunity and help develop and lead programming for their fellow Douglass women. Students can receive a Douglass Arts Certificate that acknowledges their commitment to artistic endeavors.
Programming will be determined by the Senior Program Coordinator and the Douglass Arts Advisory Board (DAAB). These programs occur biweekly and will typically count towards the arts certificate. These opportunities include seeing live performances at the State Theatre in New Brunswick, special exhibitions and talks at the Zimmerli Museum, meeting active artists who visit Douglass, private film screenings and talks, ceramics painting, and day trips away from campus for arts adventures. All Douglass students are welcome to participate regardless of their major or intent to complete the certificate. Completion will be documented electronically. All Douglass students are welcome to participate regardless of their major or intent to complete the certificate.
  1. Seminar Course: Student receives a passing grade for the one-semester Gender and Arts Course, focused on women in the arts and creativity practices
  2. Experiential Arts Programming: Student fulfills 15 points offered through the Gender and Arts programming and events led by the Douglass Arts Advisory Board and other opportunities provided by Academic Programs
  3. Capstone Experience: Student completes a capstone requirement through a proposal to Dr. Grabbe
    • Examples for projects include but are not limited to: juried art exhibition for students at the end of semester, showcase performance, group installation work, visual project or curated gallery/exhibition, drama production (a one woman show), film/video work, solo recital, musical composition, lecture recital, digital creation, experiential arts-related internship
    • Funding opportunities are available to support these projects thanks to a gift from Juliette Mittendorf Hill.

1. Develop programming and other opportunities for Douglass women to understand, appreciate, and create works within the fine arts across a diverse range of cultures as a part of a well-rounded liberal arts education

2. Engage in experiential learning across multiple disciplines in the fine arts and creativity practices, relating art to personal and professional success by integrating knowledge and skills to produce a sense of mastery and artistic accomplishment

3. Provide context and conversation on the role the arts and artists have played in the history and status of women in today’s world