Global Village FAQs

The Global Village is a supportive, enriching, and dynamic living-learning environment that cultivates creative and innovative approaches to traditional and emerging fields of education and research. With an overarching theme of women and globalization, the Global Village fosters supportive networks through friends, fellow students, instructors, and staff. Global Village empowers Douglass students to become leaders in their own right in the classroom, in the community, and beyond. Additionally, students may apply to be a Global Ambassador, a student leader who represents her house to the Global Village community.


Steps to become a member of Global Village

Step 1: Apply for a selection number (This is only for continuing students. If you are an incoming student, please disregard.)

Step 2: Complete the Rutgers Housing Application: You will apply via the application on the website. This step confirms your participation in RU Housing

Step 3. Complete the DRC Living Learning Community application: This will indicate which specific Global Village house you want to be considered for.  You can access the LLC Application below: 


Frequently Asked Questions

Global Village has different living and learning communities based on particular areas of interest. For the 2019-2020 academic year, we are offering nine different choices for houses. These houses include:

  • La Casa 
  • Medicine
  • Human Rights
  • Creativity
  • Public Health
  • Africana Cultural Experience
  • Greenhouse: Environmental Sustainability  

All members are required to take a 1.5 credit class in both the fall and spring semester that is based on the house that you are a member of. All members are also required to attend plenary sessions. The course meets on Mondays 7:15pm-8:35pm.

When you are accepted to be a member of Global Village you will be a member through the fall and spring semesters of 2019-2020, as this is a year long commitment to the 1.5 credit course per semester and to the community for the academic year. If you are already a member and wish to continue membership the following year, you will have to reapply.

Global Village is located on the Douglass Campus of Rutgers University – New Brunswick. The offices are located in Carpender Hall right across the street from the Douglass Student Center. The residence halls are located in the picturesque Jameson complex. Most of our plenary sessions and events are held in the Kathleen W. Ludwig Global Village Living-Learning Center.

In order to be a member of Global Village you have to be a member of Douglas Residential College (DRC). If you are not a member of DRC and you are an undergraduate woman who has 3 or more semesters remaining at Rutgers you can apply for membership.

The top 5 benefits for joining the Global Village

  1. Close-knit community
  2. Local and global service learning
  3. Small 1.5 credit course with close interaction with expert instructors
  4. Fun community building activities
  5. Local, regional, and international travel

Being a member of the Global Village family offers a number of advantages. You get to surround yourself with people who have similar interests to you. You will be able to enhance your worldly views through our plenary sessions held throughout the year that embody the essence of DRC. You get to enjoy local excursions to museums, restaurants, and other locations that assimilate with the house you belong to; and you may get to study abroad during the winter break in a foreign country for free. For example, several houses traveled to NYC to visit museums, attend Broadway productions, and participate in heritage tours. Also, this year the Medicine House traveled to Cuba and the Human Rights House traveled to Puerto Rico.

"Being a part of the Global Village I have found a tight knit community within a large university. The Global Village has allowed me to learn more about my passions outside of my major by opening me up to the new ideas and introducing me to people with different backgrounds and interests. It has also pushed me to learn more about the world outside of Rutgers and introduced me to new people, who have become lifelong friends and mentors." - Cristiane Salcedo

"Rutgers has so many courses to offer that it is hard to pick classes that aren't compulsory or needed for your major or minor prerequisites. However, joining the Global village afforded me the academic freedom to explore new courses of varying interests, in addition to my primary major pursuit. Living in the Women in Medicine house last year, gave me a new perspective on pursing an occupation in the medical field. There was always a healthy of exchange of ideas and cross-cultural interaction with the other amazing women I had the pleasure of bonding with. It is because of my positive Global Village experience last year that I applied again this year for the Africana House taught by the lovely and informative Shaheena Shahid whom I've learned a great deal from thus far." - Uzo Achebe

Madinah Elamin
Global Village Director