Three DRC Students

The Douglass Difference Annual Fund

The Douglass Difference Annual Fund: Where the Need is Greatest

Supporting the Douglass Difference Annual Fund supports Douglass students and programs. Gifts to this fund give the college the flexibility to invest in students and programs and capitalize on emerging opportunities. As a donor to the Douglass Difference Annual Fund, you provide the dean the opportunity to create and transform programs in response to current trends and events, and offer support to students in crisis or facing hardship to ensure they remain successful at Douglass. Your gifts enhance existing programs, create new innovative programming, support unique once-in-a-lifetime experiences for students, and provide other emergency needs, as they arise.

Gifts to the Douglass Difference Annual fund could help to develop new and innovative programs; to deliver Douglass’s signature programs; support visits from top leaders in academia, business, technology, and culture; offer emergency aid to students facing crisis situations or extraordinary hardship; provide research support to students; offer opportunities to attend and present at conferences; and enrich educational programming.

From the moment students become part of Douglass, they are empowered to make their mark on the world. Douglass offers an advantage in preparing its students to be tomorrow’s leaders: it is the only women’s college situated within a comprehensive public research university. This allows for endless opportunities. Douglass adds value to a Rutgers education—providing women with insight, support, and opportunity. Douglass’s global education courses, women’s leadership opportunities, and on-campus and alumnae support networks inspire the confidence necessary for graduates to launch their lives with knowledge, clarity, and confidence. Your support empowers the next wave of Douglass women.

Monies from this fund:

  • Allow Douglass to continue to develop and offer innovative and signature programs
  • Support visits from top leaders in academia, business, technology, and culture
  • Enable emergency aid to be offered to students facing crisis situations or extraordinary hardship