Douglass Student Organizations

Student Organizations at Douglass


Douglass strives to foster an inclusive, inspirational and collaborative environment for women to network, discover strengths and develop opportunities that will take them far in their futures. This work is highlighted through the numerous student organizations at Douglass that provide room for Douglass women to pursue their own unique interests. From the Douglass Governing council, which is the student government association of Douglass Residential College; to Peer Academic Leaders, Douglass Black Students' Congress, Douglass Q/ummunity and The Beehives, and countless others, Douglass students are creating community and life-long connections. Douglass women have countless opportunities to explore their interests. Below is a list of the student organizations at Douglass, and ways that you can get involved with them.


The Beehive: Douglass Organization for Commuter Students is an organization whose aim is to engage the commuter and off-campus students of Douglass with programming tailored to the needs and concerns of commuters and off-campus students in order to foster involvement at Rutgers University.


The Beehive: Douglass Off-Campus and Commuter Students

Douglass Big/Little Program is a transitional program that connects first-year and transfer students to upper-class women to help them become acquainted with Douglass Residential College (DRC) life.


Douglass Big/Little Program

Founded in the spring of 1968, the Douglass Black Students' Congress (DBSC) was established to address the intellectual, political, and social needs of all Black students at Douglass College through social activities, roundtable discussions, professional panels, community service projects, and other creative and innovative programming.


Douglass Black Students’ Congress

Founded on February 9, 2011, Douglass DIVAS provides a network and forum for students (predominately women of color but DIVAS is open to everyone including men) with a strong interest in contemporary women’s issues to discuss, debate, socialize, and create a bond that will positively contribute to each member’s academic experience.


Douglass DIVAS

Douglass Friends of UNFPA is currently the first and only college chapter of the Friends of UNFPA. As an extension of the Friends of UNFPA at Rutgers University, we strive to promote awareness of UNFPA’s mission among our fellow students as well as implement fundraising initiatives on behalf of the UNFPA.


Douglass Friends of UNFPA

The Douglass Governing Council (DGC) is the student government association of Douglass Residential College. Established in 1923, it is not only the oldest, but it is the largest organization on campus. Members of this organization are responsible for addressing any issues in the academic and co-curricular life of the Douglass student.


Douglass Governing Council

We are the Douglass Orientation Committee. Each Fall we welcome new students, both first years and transfers, to Douglass Residential College with a two-day orientation session. We create a smooth transition for on and off-campus students to feel a connection to DRC and the greater Rutgers community.


Douglass Orientation Committee

The Douglass Project Research Advisory Board (DPRAB) is a mentoring group of dedicated student leaders that help the Douglass Project’s (DP) Project SUPER implement workshops and programs that promote the success of women in the Introduction to Scientific Research (ISR) course.


Douglass Project Research Advisory Board

Douglass Q/ummunity is a student organization for LGBTQA women and their allies. Weekly meetings focus on community support, intersectional identities, as well as social justice advocacy and education. Non-DRC students are welcomed to join!


Douglass Q/ummunity

The Douglass Student Recruitment Network is a student leadership organization under the Office of Student Enrollment and Engagement that aids the recruitment of prospective students. We assist in the planning and execution of recruitment events throughout the year such as Open House, Discover Douglass Days, Douglass Receptions, and more.


Douglass Student Recruitment Network

Muslim Feminist Art intends to use the universal language of visual, performing and literary arts to educate and raise awareness of Islamic feminism. We aim to challenge the authority of misogynistic cultural, religious, political, social and economic systems by providing a voice to Muslim women who face marginalization, discrimination and oppression.


Muslim Feminist Art

Women Organizing Against Harassment (WOAH) was created approximately five years ago to prevent the hiring by Rutgers University of a professor accused of sexual assault at his prior job. WOAH succeeded in its mission, and ever since has overseen organizing the annual Take Back the Night (TBTN) march at Rutgers.


Women Organizing Against Harassment (WOAH)

The Red Pine Ambassadors work under the Office of Student Enrollment and Engagement (SEE) to give tours of Douglass campus to prospective students and their families, as well as alumnae.


Red Pine Ambassadors

Douglass Residential College (DRC) hosts a number of time-honored traditions. Two of these events, the Yule Log and Sacred Path Ceremonies, mark important moments in Douglass students’ lives at college.


Traditional Events Committee

The Rutgers University Women's Center Coalition provides women access to an extensive and diverse array of consolidated resources. Our aim is to support individual and collective voices through weekly organizational meetings to promote inclusivity.


Women’s Center Coalition

Women’s International and Multicultural Association (WIMA) seeks to promote authentic discussions between international and domestic students regarding race relations, cultural norms, and women's rights. WIMA utilizes these various perspectives to address concerns of human rights violations against women around the world.


Women’s International and Multicultural Association (WIMA)