Who We Are

Rutgers University, the State University of New Jersey, is the only flagship public research university in the nation to offer students the opportunity to join a women's residential college. Through personalized programs, leadership opportunities, and residential learning communities, Douglass offers an enhancement to the wonderful opportunities for undergraduates at Rutgers–New Brunswick.

Douglass' programs range from a first-year orientation that assists students in adjusting to college to senior year workshops, externship programs and labor force preparation. Douglass, a community of students invested in their own and each other's success, offers a four-year academic engagement curriculum for any female undergraduate student at Rutgers–New Brunswick. Douglass caters to the wide variety of students' interests, with a specialization for women in science, math, engineering, and technology majors. While at Douglass, all students are provided with customized programs, including peer mentors, themed and language housing, active student clubs, a student government, scholarships, leadership opportunities, and common first-year learning experiences. .

Douglass' dedicated professional staff offers students personalized attention and unique experiential learning opportunities. The professionals at Douglass are deeply dedicated to bringing out the best in the each student. After graduation, students are a part of the dedicated Douglass alumnae network at the Associate Alumnae of Douglass College and the Rutgers University Alumni Association, which offers lifelong friendships and career development opportunities.

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