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Student Spotlight - Lily Juhasz DRC'22

From the fine arts and research to advocacy and student organizations, Douglass students actively pursue their passions. Often, their leadership at the College furthers their own academic and personal goals while benefitting the larger community. For Lily Juhasz DRC'22, The Douglass Governing Council (DGC) has served as a formative experience in her educational and professional journey. DGC is a student run organization that serves as a liaison between Douglass students and administration. Students on the council meet regularly with Douglass staff to represent the student voice and work on collaborative projects.

“My time at college would not feel complete without Douglass and the Douglass Governing Council,” said Juhasz, President of the Douglass Governing Council. “Douglass is the place where I learned that I truly am capable of achieving my dreams and where people always have my back.”

Under Juhasz’ leadership, DGC has implemented notable campus-wide initiatives. The organization has worked to advocate on behalf of LGBTQ+ Douglass students, start conversations on intersectional feminism, and partner with the local NAACP chapter in New Brunswick. Alongside Douglass and Rutgers administration, they have contributed to the reform of the inter-campus bus system and installed a community-based mental health counselor specifically for Douglass students. A transfer student herself, Juhasz has also begun a Big-Little mentorship program specifically aimed at helping spring transfer students adjust to college life. Currently, the organization is comprised of three committees that work to advance areas of student interests: reproductive justice, health and wellness, and transition back to campus.

“Our committees are passionate about the work of the Council,” she said. “This year, each committee held an event that addressed disparities for women of color in areas ranging from the librarian profession to reproductive justice to mental health in the workplace. The most important lesson that I have learned is that mission driven work can truly create the greatest outcomes. As president, I was very motivated by projects I was involved in such as supporting Let’s Talk (counseling appointments) for Douglass.”

After graduation, Juhasz will use the leadership and project management skills she learned in DGC to pursue a future in communications and media. Currently, she interns at WABC TV Here and Now, a program addressing topics and interests for the Black community in the tri-state area. For Juhasz, these experiences began with an opportunity to connect with a Douglass alumna through the Douglass BOLD Center, the College’s specialized career program. Alongside a Douglass alumna, she worked her way up from a marketing and branding intern to a creative director.

“I learned about project management, team management, and event planning,” she said. “I also developed a lot of confidence in myself that would later become a huge help once I became president of Douglass Governing Council.”        

Juhasz is also involved in the College as a Barbara Voorhees Peer Mentor, a member of the Douglass Student Recruitment Network, and a member of the Global Village Human Rights House. She is currently working with Dr. Pamela Brug, a Douglass Faculty Fellow, to better understand doctor and patient communication issues and healthcare disparities. 

“Douglass programs support gender equality tremendously because it gives students opportunities to advance professionally and personally. Through opportunities like externships, faculty fellowships, mentoring, global village, and more, students can make connections with other talented students, Douglass faculty members, and Douglass alumnae,” Juhasz said. “Students also develop their professional skills and continue to learn more about world systems of inequality. Most importantly, Douglass programs help students develop confidence and minimize their imposter syndrome by providing students opportunities to learn and grow in their careers and passions.”

The College thanks Juhasz for her leadership of the 2021-2022 Douglass Governing Council!