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Student Spotlight - Aarushi Govil DRC'22

Aarushi Govil DRC’22, a chemical engineering major and women’s studies minor, has a unique ambition as a student in the School of Engineering—to influence public policy. After reaching out to a Douglass mentor last year, she was introduced to the Public Leadership Education Network at Douglass (PLEN). Through the program, Govil connected with leaders and like-minded peers, discovering the multitude of paths STEM students can take to make an impact.

“Engineers have a place in various aspects of public policy,” said Govil. “But more importantly, women have a place at the table.”

Govil has ambitious plans for her future. She hopes to attend law school and eventually become a partner in a firm—where she aspires to create “her own version of Douglass.” For Govil, this means developing quality mentorship programs.

 “The dream is to go to law school and become managing partner of a law firm one day,” she said. “That would allow me to create inclusive mentorship programs to encourage more people from diverse backgrounds to get into law. Additionally, I could do outreach to universities, encouraging other STEM majors to consider law, manage pro bono cases to impact those who need help but can't afford it, influence policy, and use environmental law avenues to help fight against climate change.”   

For the time being, Govil is making a difference in the numerous organizations she is involved with at Douglass. A member of the Reilly Douglass Engineering Living-Learning Community, Internal Vice President of the Engineering Governing Council, and a Red Pine Ambassador, among many other involvements and achievements, she serves as an outstanding role model to her Douglass peers. Above all, what motivates Govil to keep chasing her dreams is purpose.

“We all have a purpose on Earth, and I think it is to leave the world a better place than how it was given to us. In order to do so, you must understand how change is created—and that’s through law and policy.”

Recently, Govil had the opportunity to greet one of her public policy "heroes" at Douglass. At the 102nd Fall Convocation, Senator Elizabeth Warren welcomed the Class of 2024 to the College, sharing wisdom and messages of hope with Douglass students, faculty, and alumnae. Govil was selected to respond to Warren following her speech and the experience proved to be extremely meaningful.

 “I have looked up to Elizabeth Warren for so long - her dedication to women's rights, her fight for better healthcare and equity for impoverished communities, her advocacy for racial justice, and her commitment to saving the planet are inspiring and things I aspire to do too.” Click here to hear Govil's Fall Convocation Message.