Global Village

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The Global Village is a fun and thought-provoking Living-Learning Community centered on women’s issues at home and abroad. There are about eight to ten houses each year with themes ranging from The Africana Cultural Experience to Public Health. This one of a kind community raises global awareness and builds a sense of community among Douglass students. Each year, one to two Global Village houses travel abroad for FREE during winter break to further explore issues related to the house mission and engage in sustainable service-learning. House trips have allowed Global Village students to visit South Africa, Romania, Thailand, Cambodia, Mexico, and Peru. All Global Village residents participate in a 1.5-credit house course.


Uzo Achebe


The Student Experience

"Rutgers has so many courses to offer that it is hard to pick classes that aren't compulsory or needed for your major or minor prerequisites. However, joining the Global Village afforded me the academic freedom to explore new courses of varying interests, in addition to my primary major pursuit. Living in the Women in Medicine house last year gave me a new perspective on pursuing an occupation in the medical field. There was always a healthy of exchange of ideas and cross-cultural interaction with the other amazing women I had the pleasure of bonding with." - Uzo Achebe



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