Summer Reading Program for NEW Douglass and Rutgers students

Summer reading programs are common at universities because they allow students to jump right into the college experience, get a taste of academic life in a supportive environment, and build early connections with other students and staff.

Our summer reading selection this year isWhen the Emperor was Divineby Julie Otsuka.  You will see that the book describes the experience of a Japanese American family who was forced to live in prison camps during World War II. Close to 130,000 Japanese-Americans were imprisoned in these camps following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941.   

On September 22, 2002, Michael Upchurch, in a New York Times book review, said this about the book:

While you're reading this accomplished novel, what impresses you most is how much Otsuka is able to convey -- in a line, in a paragraph -- about her characters' surroundings, about their states of mind and about the mood of our country at a time of crisis that did not, on this particular front, bring out the best in its character.


Questions we explore will focus on how this could happen in the United States? Can we draw any connections to events happening today?   Could this happen again?  We have invited a guest speaker to provide insight into these events.  I hope that your participation will provide a great opportunity for discovery and reflection with your new peers at DRC.

The College’s Fall Orientation will take place September 1st – 3rd, so please read the book beforehand.