Student Ambassadors

Douglass Residential College student ambassadors provide input into the planning and program of events as well as help to promote the events at Rutgers.

Nida Ali 2019, Unspecified
Christine Arsenis 2019, Psychology     
Sarah Attalla 2019, Visual Arts
Usra Attalla 2019, Visual Arts
Bisma Baloch 2019, Unspecified
Courtney Davenport 2019, Unspecified
Paula Galvao 2019, Applied Science Engineering
Stephania Gonzalez Mena 2020, Unspecified
Gabriella Guerriero 2020, Unspecified
Kalina Nissen 2019, English, Creative Writing
Neeha Pathan 2020, Unspecified
Neida Perez 2020, Unspecified
Jacquelyn Santiago 2020, Unspecified
Aashaa Shaik 2020, Pre-Business
Disha Soni 2019, Biomedical Engineering
Lisette Vasquez 2019, Unspecified
Chanina Wong 2020, Unspecified
Hallel Yadin 2019, History, Women’s and Gender Studies