Allie Kroeper

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Allie Kroeper
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Unit Administrative Specialist
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Carpender Hall
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Allie is a 2015 graduate of DRC, having studied English, Theater, and Creative Writing. They are currently the Unit Administrative Specialist for DRC's Office of Academic Programs and an LGBTQ Liaison. As a student, they were involved in Cabaret Theatre; LLEGO, The LGBTQQIA People of Color Organization of Rutgers-New Brunswick; the Douglass Historical Society; Camp UKnight; the College Avenue Players; and Cap & Skull. They also went to the occasional Juggling Club meeting. Today you can find them practicing improv comedy at the Magnet Theater in NYC and with Howdy Stranger of Hackensack, NJ. You can also find them acting in plays, writing their own plays, and learning to freestyle rap at Freestyle Love Supreme Academy. A passion of Allie's is to help students find their paths at Rutgers, so feel free to email with any questions you have!