Lauriane Pabalan

Students Get Into the Centennial Spirit


Did you know that when the New Jersey College for Women opened, it had 54 students and 16 professors? Or that former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt lectured and appeared on the Douglass campus three times in the 1930s? As part of the Centennial celebration, the student committee pored through old yearbooks and searched online to assemble 100 facts on Douglass that were enlarged to create lawn posters, covering the campus for the Centennial Kickoff event. Lauriane Pabalan,DRC’18, a member of the student committee, is looking forward to providing even more activities that will connect current students with the history of Douglass.

“We started working on the 100 facts last semester, and it was hard to verify some of them because they were just listed in yearbooks,” said Lauriane. “I didn’t know there was a swimming pool in Jameson so that was interesting. And I knew that Mabel Smith Douglass led a $1 contribution campaign to fund the college, but it’s good to make sure everyone know how Douglass started.”

While the committee is planning events for students of today, they are taking inspiration from past Douglass traditions.

“We held our first Goozing party, which is basically an ice cream party, and invited all the DRC students. This was our first time holding one and were excited to have more than 100 students attend.”

Goozing parties originated at Douglass College back when the Chapel Bells signaled curfew. Upon hearing the Chapel Bells, students would race back to their residence halls. On occasion, students would be surprised when ice cream and an abundance of toppings were displayed in a nearby campus building for them to make a delicious ice cream sundae. After the Goozing party was over, students went right back to studying.

Similar to the old Goozing party tradition, this was an opportunity for students to take a break from studying and socialize with other students. The committee will be holding another Goozing next semester, but true to the old tradition, the date is a surprise.

“We’re putting together a time capsule this spring, and will be getting students involved with writing letters or getting things they want included in the capsule. There will also be a tree planting, a Douglass fir, in front of College Hall,” said Lauriane.

Lauriane is pleased to be able to get involved with Douglass activities and encourages other students to get active as well.