Peer Academic Leaders


The Peer Academic Leaders (PALs) Program consists of high achieving Douglass students who serve as academic advisors, mentors and Douglass ambassadors within the residence halls and throughout the community. These student leaders are comprehensively trained in both the fall and spring semesters to prepare them with the necessary skills and experience to work with their residents within the dorms. Through programming, peer advising and mentoring, the PALs are an invaluable resource and a part of the difference that makes Douglass unique.



In addition to assisting in programs that take place in the residence halls, PALS also help to shape Douglass life beyond the residence halls. PALS are advisers, friends, and mentors to all in the Douglass community and help students establish a sense of belonging during their time at Douglass. They work to create an enriching and vibrant environment, which encourages leadership and the pursuit of excellence. They serve as the first line of advising for Douglass students. Read more »