Overnight and/or Class Visits

Overnight and/or Class Visit Reservations

This experience is scheduled during the Fall for all high school seniors and transfer students. During the Spring, this experience is open to Rutgers-New Brunswick admitted students only.

Dreaming of college life? Our dedicated student leaders and staff will provide you with a fun-filled overnight visit and/or class experience that you are sure to remember! Visit Rutgers–New Brunswick classes, spend a night in one of our residence halls, eat in our dining halls, visit the recreation center, and/or accompany your student host to a club or organization meeting.

Reservations must be made a minimum of three weeks in advance of your selected visit date. Space fills quickly, and students are matched with host students on a first-come, first serve basis. We ask for your flexibility with dates so that we may offer you a personalized experience based on your interests. Visits are only scheduled Mondays-Thursdays. Upon request, we will provide an excuse note for your missed day at school. Due to the coordination involved for a visit, we ask that you do not schedule a visit unless you are certain you can attend.

There is a required non-refundable $25 processing fee for classroom visits (this visit includes one meal). The required non-refundable fee for a combined classroom and overnight visit is $50 (this visit includes up to three meals). The fee offsets the cost of meals and materials provided during your visit. Students with financial need, for whom the fee may present difficulties, may contact our office directly at discoverdouglass@echo.rutgers.edu or (848) 932-9500 to request assistance. 

As we do our best to take your interests and needs into account when scheduling your visit, please understand that it is not always possible to match your interests perfectly. However, while you are with us on campus, we strive to ensure that you have a variety of experiences.

Special accommodations, needs or requests must be indicated on the online reservation form or by calling the Recruitment Office at (848) 932-9500.

Parents, Family Members, and Friends

Due to the nature of the program, parents, family members, and additional guests are not able to participate. If family members accompany participants to the campus, they are responsible for their activities during the day and accommodations. Admission presentations and campus tours are available, and the New Brunswick Area has several points of interest for visitors. We would be happy to provide you with a list of suggested events.

Due to the overwhelming number of visit request, and end of academic year, the Overnight and/or Class Visits Program has closed this year. This opportunity will reopen in October 2015. Please feel free to attend one of our campus tours to learn more about the benefits of adding Douglass Residential College to your Rutgers experience.