Women In STEM: The Douglass Project

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

Women who pursue undergraduate degrees and professional careers in mathematics, science, engineering and technology are poised to change the world. And, we’re rare. We make up only about a quarter of this broad group of disciplines.

As a society, we can debate why this happens and what it means. As a college dedicated to women’s success, Douglass Residential College steps in to support women as they choose, study, and succeed in these rewarding and growing fields.

We have the experience. We started the Douglass Project for Rutgers Women in Math, Science & Engineering in 1986. Today, the Douglass Project includes our own undergraduate research program (Project SUPER), living learning communities, a community service corps, graduate mentors, international exchanges, and guidance in finding other opportunities to pursue research.


Stipends, Internships & Networking

Some of our programs encourage personal development and resilience. We want each student to understand her abilities and have confidence in her decisions. Some of our programs offer stipends or industry internships. We want each graduate to pursue her career with strength and determination.

Some of our programs are for networking and for fun—for the joy of learning and the joy of learning together. Most of our programs are open to any Rutgers woman because, ultimately, we want to increase the participation of Rutgers women in STEM.


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