Global Village House Themes

Global Village

Fall 2018 and Spring 2019

Global Activism at Home and Abroad

The Global Village is a supportive, enriching, and dynamic living-learning environment that cultivates creative and innovative approaches to traditional and emerging fields of education and research. With an overarching theme of women and globalization, the Global Village fosters a support through a close-knit network of friends, instructors, and staff, and empowers Douglass students to become leaders in their own right in the classroom, in the community, and beyond. Additionally, students may apply to be a Global Ambassador, a student leader who represents her house to the Global Village community.

La Casa Hispánica

Explore the Spanish-speaking world through the study of culture of countries in Africa, the Caribbean, and the Americas, as well as the U.S. Latinx world. Engage with the rich cultural diversity of Spain, Latin America, the Caribbean, the United States, and Equatorial Guinea, and learn how populations from distinct countries and cultures became portrayed as a single group. With an emphasis on the representations of women’s identity in traditionally Spanish speaking contexts, the majority of the house material and activities is conducted in Spanish.


Delve into a variety of practices of medicine in a global context. Explore the field of medicine, the role women have played in research, and barriers to women in medicine careers. Learn about practical elements of a career in medicine, and engage with guest speakers from local, national, and regional organizations.

Human Rights

Engage with the effects of law and policy on diverse and disempowered populations at home and around the world. Develop hands on experience through community service, and put theory into action by sharing what you learn with the University community through project based learning. Leverage critical thinking skills to explore your own ideas of human rights, privilege, and identity to address inequality and discrimination on a national and global scale.


Compare the status and rights of women and underrepresented sexual minorities and emerging issues around the world. Explore current events such as the #metoo movement and violence against women through a global lens. Evaluate the United Nation’s “Free and Equal” policy governing international standards for protections for sexual minorities. Prepare to be an ally through strategies including LGBTQ Safe Zone Training by Rutgers University. Learn about the history of the changing definition of sexualities around the world. Explore today’s definitions and how they impact your life as a college student and as a Douglass woman.

Business and Entrepreneurship

Employ entrepreneurship strategies in your own trajectory by learning about women in business in a global context. Examine women’s access to entrepreneurship including microloans in developing countries to women on the Fortune 500 list. Position yourself as entrepreneurs by leveraging your own strengths and interests as entrepreneurial tools.


Cultivate your own creative spirit through hands on engagement with different art forms. You might learn to paint or try your hand at poetry. You will listen to music, watch films, observe dances, visit museums, and explore women in art as change agents around the world. In the spring semester, help curate an exhibition of students’ work from the course.

Public Health

Explore the public health challenges as a women’s issue in New Brunswick and around the world. Assess local public health initiatives and network with experts in the field. You might have the opportunity to participate in Rutgers’ new University wide Global Health initiative. Evaluate what works, and make recommendations for improving the lives of women both locally and globally.

Africana Cultural Experience

Engage with Africana Studies and the African Diaspora in New Brunswick and beyond. Learn about the contemporary issues facing members of the African Diaspora in North America and explore Black feminist thought through cultural manifestations of identity politics. Enhance your academics with local and regional travel opportunities, special events, and local and global activism.

Public Policy

This house and course center on leadership skills to empower women to shape public policy through problem solving at the local, national, and international levels. Through theoretical and practical applications to improve our interconnected world, students learn constructive engagement with governmental, private, and not profit agencies, especially as this relates to women and girls at home and abroad.



HOUSE LIST FOR 2017-2018:

Africana Cultural Experience

This house and course focuses on providing students with theoretical and practical knowledge of some of the contemporary issues facing members of the North American African Diaspora. The course is specifically tailored towards allowing students to engage with and situate contemporary issues of social justice, respectability politics, Black feminist thought and the media, within a larger framework of intersectionality and feminism within the continental United States.

La Casa Hispánica

This house and course examine the formation of a “Hispanic/Latin” identity in the US. We will deepen our understating of the cultural diversity of Latin America, and analyze how the populations from such distinct cultures became portrayed as a single group. We will explore questions such as: What does it mean to be “latinx” in the US? How does Latin-American culture influence U.S. culture, and vice-versa?

Leadership and Global Citizenship

This house and course center on leadership skills to empower women to shape their own experiences and to work collaboratively with others to engage in global citizenship. Through theoretical and practical applications of contemporary theories on leadership design, national identity, and globalization, students learn to identify effective means of leadership and to position themselves as global activists and global leaders at home and abroad.

Human Rights and Theory and Practice

This house and course are designed to provide an introduction to human rights principles and theories with a focus on gender and diversity. Students will explore the effects of human rights on various populations and develop hands on experience through community service work into the spring semester. It will provide an understanding of the evolutionary process of human rights and its continued development on a local, national, and international levels. Students will be guided and encouraged to use critical thinking skills to explore their own ideas of human rights, privilege, and identity to address inequality and discrimination on a national and global scale.


This house and course explore the history of sexuality, the intersections between sexuality and culture, politics, activism, and art. The course content focuses on sex positivity, sexual expression, and how to be an LGBTQA ally, among other topics. Members will participate in RU Safe Zone trainings and have the option to become trainers themselves.

Public Health

This house and course will explore the intersection of racial, gendered, and economic inequities in the field of Public Health, specifically focusing on the challenges experienced by women. Comparisons will be made between to explore the varying challenges experienced by women in the United States and the Dominican Republic. Course readings, videos, guest speakers, and field excursions will be used to facilitate weekly sessions. Subsequently, a service learning trip to the Dominican Republic will take place over winter break. Students are expected to actively contribute to thoughtful class discussions to enhance their learning experience.


This house and course center on women and a variety of practices of medicine in a global context. In a shared learning experience, students will explore the field of medicine and the role women have played in research (as subject and researcher), barriers to women in medicine and careers in medicine. This courses hosts guest speakers from local, national, and regional organizations, and provides students the opportunity to engage with theories and practices in numerous manifestations of the field of medicine around the world.


The Creativity house and course attempt to de-mystify the creative process and encourage the development of themes and ideas through vehicles of expression including visual art, performance, and creative writing. Topics of gender, sexuality, identity, creativity and perception will be explored and discussed through texts, films, lectures and critiques.


The Business house and course offer students the opportunity to explore the various aspects of business ownership, from idea to design to implementation. Students will have the opportunity to learn what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and how others have succeeded, failed and/or engaged in a turn-around, and they will also analyze the different ways that gender shapes the world of business.