BOLD Guiding Principles


Guiding Principles: Interwoven through the BOLD Center initiatives are four core values that are guiding principles for Douglass programs focused career, leadership, and personal development. These include: 1) exploration of identity and self-knowledge; 2) affirmative environments to lead, live, and work well; 3) promotion of confidence as a method for achieving ones’ aspirations; and 4) cultivation of professional and life skills.

Exploration of identity and self-knowledge: Students participating in BOLD Center experiences will have the opportunity to reflect and explore their identities as a leader. Part of this exploration will seek to uncover one’s unlimited potential and capacity to impact themselves, their community, and the world. Students will be encouraged to live a life by design and be leaders of their own lives. This process begins with the Douglass mission course, Knowledge and Power, and continues throughout their undergraduate experience at Douglass and Rutgers, ultimately setting in motion the pursuit of lifelong leadership beyond the university.

Affirmative environments to lead, live and work well: The BOLD curriculum values at its core diversity and inclusivity. Through the Douglass inclusive and multi-cultural mentoring program, staff, students, and professionals reflect affirmative values that validate diverse experiences. Preparing our students to maximize their potential growth and enabling networks through the mentoring program motivates Douglass students to create a personal and professional board of advisors.

Promotion of confidence as a method for achieving ones’ aspirations: Ultimately, Douglass students will gain the confidence and resilience they need to negotiate and proactively engage in persuasive decision-making both in the workplace and in their lives. Through intentional and authentic leadership exercises during their undergraduate career, Douglass students will attain critical tools to navigate a multitude of real-world responsibilities and stresses helping them achieve their dreams and aspirations beyond the University.

Cultivation of professional and life skills: Embedded in all aspects of the BOLD experience are skills-building opportunities that reflect both the intellectual and practical skills necessary to thrive in a global and interconnected society, and a socially responsible leadership model.


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